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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reconnection Notice

12/20/2013 1:08:59 PM

It’s easy to say “best of luck” or “best wishes” when deep inside you’re hurt. It’s easy to be comedian when you feel the sorrow and pain. It’s not very difficult to say “goodbye,” when you really want to utter “please, stay with me (minus the displaying of Agnes’ eyes).” It’s like you can fake the world, but you can never ever deny your true self, isn't it?

Sometimes, you wish yesterday still exists and today is still running on your favor. When the last night, you felt her sweet torrid (just the simple feeling, not the sensual part) kisses and warm tight hugs; and the exchanges of the sweetest words you can ever hear for the moment – those words that defies your emotional and psychological state; Those words that made you as a “man” when it comes to love.

However, things that aren’t going out way do really happen, whether it’s by mistake or by intention. There’s always conflict. There may be rainbow at the end of the rain, but like your favorite teleserye – there’s always an ending on every show, and I mean real “ending” – and unfortunately, not all stories have a romanticized conclusion, like for twenty sets of stories – at least three of them do end tragically.

Like a Nelly Furtado track in 2007 – “all good things come to an end.”

It’s tough to leave a person who has brought you a lot – be it material or precious moments you can cherish for a long period of time. Especially if at nights, you are on your lone shelf, and suddenly, flashes of those times came to your mind as if like a ghost haunts you, from the times you watch movies and sporting events together, to everything else like when you eat together at home or at selected outlets when you’re away, to the times you’re both on the road having the joyride of your respective lives, when you hold her hand every single time and even during “Our father” at the masses, at times where a simple “good morning” already makes your day, and a “goodnight” lets you know that she still loves you after all of those times.

Or it can be felt at any un-given random moment, totally unexpected or out of nowhere.

I could have thought of moving away with it, or rather, without them.

On the other side, any man whom have successfully got back from their slump and eventually went even better for the good of them and their partner, are the same ones whom faced one of life’s daunting superhero-like tasks ever.

I have thought of that either, but… I. REPEAT. IT. IS. VERY. TOUGH.

Nah, seriously, aside from a Jackson 5 track in 1969…

I want you back.

I wanna be with you again. Your eyes may be open but I wish so was your heart, too. We did commit mistakes, but we can redeem ourselves and make it right.

I want to feel your love again. For always and for real, just like yesterday or mere moments ago. I want to reconnect to my sweetheart, the one whom made me more than what I have expected, to the one who may make me feel old by name, but young by both mind and heart, to the lady whom had been sticking with me for both good and bad times of my recent years…

…to “kablag.”

I need you, I want you… I still love you.

I miss you so much. I really do.

Please… come back to me. :(

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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  1. Good byes are always there but it's up to us to decide if which relationships are worth fighting for and which one we should move on from.


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