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Friday, December 20, 2013

When Marriage Proposals Are "So Mainstream"

12/19/2013 2:20:51 PM

Marriage proposals may be so sweet, as long as they convey the message PROPERLY. Yes, I mean to emphasize the last word of my first sentence by typing them in ALL CAPS.

Why did I say so? It may be sweet, but at the same time, isn’t that so annoying when proposals have gone mainstream for too much? And I am not pertaining to the pop culture nor bullshits that aired on our respective idiot boxes, eh? As well as we hear on our radio and read on the circulation units.

Then, what the heck am I talking about? Dig this.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for love, and I’m for romance as long as it is shown properly and not exhibiting any badass cases of excessive P.D.A.

But… this? Do you call this shit a marriage proposal? What a BULLSHIT.

I know, it’s creative, and it’s almost unique. Yes, I put the word “almost” before “unique.” And I doubt anyone’s belief who will call that with the U word (though I still respect their perception). Anyway, why almost unique?

In a basic analogy, it just exhibits the similar scenario of showing some love after quarreling with each other. It’s like someone will break the warfare with a sweet motivated-act. It’s like somebody will throw their sweet, cheesy pick-up line after a barrage of foul-mouthing. Just to cool the situation. Hey, we’re not in a sitcom or gag show here.

In this case, after the so-called “hostage-taking” sequence, the guy proposed to his girlfriend out of nowhere.
Sweet? UGH. Romantic? UGH. He did not even showcase a superhero-like attitude to save the supposedly-horrifying shit. He just over-turn things around, and presto, “will you marry me?” are the uttered words.

Again… sweet? UGH. Romantic? UGH again.

And again, "do you call this a marriage proposal?" Nah, ain't considered as one for me. It's like people going out of their boxes to just to be viral and recognized at the world wide web. Yes, even for a short-lived one. Temporary state of time. And people tend to be idiot sometimes.

And I know, you may ask the question I had in my mind: why on earth did this marriage proposal went viral?
And here’s my answer: we’re curious by nature. We used to spot things that may seem different or unusual and go clicking on them, just like the headlines of that controversial news like sex scandals and relationship issues.

Another thing, we’re naturally romantic. And I swear to anyone else that whoever’s an “anti-romantic” to that may be bullied via conspiracy theories for nine times out of 10. And for the majority’s eyes, marriage proposals, aside from the wedding ceremonies, are the sweetest things we can ever taste in life.

However, do you consider this thing a marriage proposal? Nah, if I was the girl here, who got frightened a bit, only to realized that it is just a mere prank-styled to stage a marriage proposal, I might kick both his balls and ass. Seriously, I might even fire the gun at him or stabbed in the back. That ain’t sweet. That’s like humiliation.

And that is the perfect way to turn down a so-called “wedding proposal,” more than shouting a bunch of “NO!” chants as if you were Daniel Bryan rejecting Wyatt’s request to join on their clan of cult-believers.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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