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Friday, January 03, 2014

The Scene Around: 2013 Nike We Run Manila

‎12/‎15/‎2013 12:55:24 AM

The stage was set at that Sunday afternoon of December 1 at the Marikina Sports Center. And fifteen thousand runners took part on that third Manila edition of the Nike We Run series 2013.

Much to my surprise though, my sister invited me to be her running buddy, and I barely have one month to get ready. And despite that don't own the shoes to spare on that event. Good thing my father's pair of runners suited my feet enough.

And honestly speaking, I only managed to run better on a short-distance course. Like I did not even run enough to battle on a 3K warfare.

Anyway, fast-forward to December 1. Traffic was everywhere. So heavy that these shuttle-jeepneys provided by the organizers cannot even penetrate the major routes. We walked from Riverbanks to the Sports Center. And it seemed like a early warm-up for me, at least for 20 minutes in an almost 2-kilometer distance.

On the event I saw several personalities on the starting stage. Chesca Litton of Solar Sports Desk and GMA News TV's travel mainstay Drew Arellano anchored the event. La Salle's Arnold Van Opstal and Jeron Teng were also present.

I managed to surrender my baggage to the counter few minutes before the gun officially fired. The race was delayed for about 8 minutes after hundreds of runners were stuck at the moment in traffic and tried to catch-up in time.

Well, I was part of the third barrage of red. And we run past the starting mark by about 18 minutes after the the hour of 4.

As the racers flocked the race route, so were the bystanders. Even kids used to throw high-fives on several participants.

The first hydration station was placed on the 2 kilometer mark of the course. I took two paper cups, without knowing that it may be used or not. One for water and another for Gatorade. And that are the cups that I used to replenish myself.

The race went on to the following places: Marikina Market Mall, portions J.P. Rizal streets, Sta. Elena, back to the Sports Center, off to Marquinton mall, Kalayaan Avenue, Liwasang Kalayaan, E. Rodriguez street, Brgy. Sto NiƱo, and finally back at the sports center.

As the distance goes shorter and closer, I went on full throttle, as if like I was chasing past everyone.
I finished the course by around 5:32 P.M., about an hour and 23 minutes after the fun run went officially underway. As I get past the finish line, I slowed down and raised my fist, as if I achieved something improbable in my life.

I hurriedly grabbed my finisher shirt from tone of the race counters, along with a bottle of water and that popular sports drink, and a banana (hey, I did not say that with a minion voice), took a seat in the grandstand and saw my ex-girlfriend waiting for me there. Saw her smile, and gave me a "happy anniversary" kiss. Yes, we're one a year together as a couple.

Also. musicians such as Chicosci and Quest also performed at the event.

Never would I thought that I can accomplish a 10-kilometer race course, considering the fact that its been almost four years since the last time I participated at a running event, and that was just a mere five-kilometer length; also, prior to this foot-race, I only have shorter time to train and I felt that I even failed to capitalize my time to do so.

Maybe eating tuna (and rice) for lunch helped me, since after the game I never felt any signs of a tired fella. And the fact that I've dealt myself to a 5-km practice a day before can even risked me to take the task. My neighbor whom used to be a marathon veteran just advised me "not to go all out from the very start."

And honestly speaking, yeah, I never felt tired. I did not even noticed that it was a 10-kilometer race after all. Maybe because of a lot of participants, the atmosphere, and the vibrations of the day itself.

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That was one hell of an event. A huge milestone for me as a runner, and on my physical side of life. Seems like I want to do it again soon. Maybe in 2014 or so.

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  1. This has been on my list of things to do before I die for the longest time, to run a marathon... Hehe! Congratulations on finishing the 10K run. Awesome!

  2. Wow! ayos Bro! Congrats! gusto ko rin magjoin someday kahit fun run, tapos sa finish line, sasalubungin din ako ng ex-girlfriend ko ng yakap at halik.haha.ayosss! thumbs up! :)

  3. Inspiring run with a twist - a melodramatic scenes like in a movie. Admire your courage to do when actually you want it to accomplice.

  4. I hope to join the next nike run! Im a running fan and i recently ran rexona run 2014. Its a lot of fun!

  5. There are so many exciting events that I still have to experience. Kakainget. Hehehehe

  6. Congratulations on your finish! That was truly an accomplishment. I'm not a runner but I admire runners like you. :)


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