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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

13 For 2013 – The Very Best

12/29/2013 11:25:28 AM

As the year 2013 comes to a close, and out of 358 posts made by yours truly, here are my thirteen posts that are... well, my personal favorite. I used to wonder though why should I do the culmination via this one. But anyway, the list is not based on how many hits do an article have. I repeat, it’s all my choice. Go it? Good.

“Hip-hop Fan Kuno?” Unexpectedly, I started the year with a bang, when Apoc recognized one of the five article I published during the 2013’s very first night and shared the shit to his both Facebook profile and page. It may earn only 800 views in total – 500+ during the stretch, but moreover, I think I have gained respect from one of the guys from the hip-hop industry. Well, aside from MC Dash after featuring his comeback track 14 months ago.

“Abangan Ang Susunod Na Kabanta.” Talk about nostalgia-tripping, eh? AASNK is one of my ultimate favourite TV programs back in the 1990s. Forget that I’m a baby during 1991. But I don’t mind getting scolded by my parents for staying up late for every Tuesday nights just for the sake of watching this show. And this fitting tribute earned me respect from one known nostalgic-stuffed guy named NoBenta. Good thing, Studio 23 still has it. I wonder though if there’s somebody out there who has the same brains as Direk Joey Reyes, and the balls of Director Johnny Manahan as well. Rest In Peace to the late Sammy Lagmay.

“Missing TheOld Campus Radio.” Yeah, another throwback post made in 2013’s third month. And who else here does not miss this old damn good radio station? Aside from me? Unless you are a masa junkie.

“The Adventures At Torrijos, Marinduque.” Once upon last year, I went to this island named Marinduque. To the town Torrijos. I was then part of a group that will supposedly work on a project. Unfortunately though, the trip was cut short. And now it prompted me to crave for more happenings and sight-seeing. Who knows? I might storm by the place next year, as long as I have enough money to spare.

“Iron Man 3’s Closing Sequence.” It was 1 a.m. of May 23, Thursday, when I suddenly tried to stop my fascination for the Iron Man’s third movie buy posting their closing billboard (CBB) sequence leaked out somewhere. And... damn. I don’t mind watching the movie for a lot of times (in fact, I have done that 6 times), just for this one. As for posting time, the shit still haunts me. I swear by next year, I’ll own an original copy of this movie next year.

“The #iBlog9 Experience” The first time I hit a blogging event all by myself, aside from the very first reunion of the writers from Definitely Filipino. And it happened on the first Saturday of June 2013. What an experience.

“Araw-Araw Teleserye (Kaya Ang Buhay Ay Nagkakandaleche-leche)” I know. I ahve been ranting about the mainstream’s stupidity for numerous times, but my month-ender in July seemed to have the solid bunch of them all.

“May Bagong Sex Scandal! E Ano Naman Ngayon?” Yeah, so the fuck what? I think we should stop getting fascinated on the shits related to sex scandals. Seriously. As if every single one of us – unless you are a saint or a member of the clergymen, or even a young idiot (not adult) who wants to retire the entire self before your virginity does.

“69 Things In Life, According To Me.” In then-celebration of my birthday. Originally, I should have put only 23 since that as my real age, until I decided to multiply that shit by 3, and presto.

“Lessons From That OTJ Movie” Yes, I’m pertaining to On The Job, the local’s best movie in this generation so far. Real action and drama at its finest gave me lessons to bear every time I face the streets (with my shades on and knuckles hiding somewhere).

“Fuck Your Religion And Logic!” Off from my series of tirades. The title says it all, so please stop putting any religious-like reasons when our country is hampered by a series of misfortunes, such as the super typhoon Haiyan.

"Reconnection Notice." As much as I want to put “Always and For Real” in this space, well, unfortunately, my year ended with a heart-break. However, I reiterated earlier that even if I posted that, it will not – and will never – guarantee me that our relationship will be saved just like that. However, who knows? Later on. But here's my ultimate rebut anyway...

“Mind Your Own Lovelife.” Do I need to explain? I guess, so that’s why I wrote it amidst our culture every single person’s emotional state means business for every gossip-maker.

But even if I did not put my featured post on several musicians and works that I personally liked, as well as the other 10 movies that I saw this year, and some WWE matches and my personal take on the NBA Playoffs and Finals, certainly they had a shot in my 2013’s check list.

And who knows? In 2014 I may write a lot about them.

Say, it’s been a year, eh?             

Anyway, I would like to thank everyone whom made this year very, very possible to me. Much props and respect to Apoc of Kampo Terroritmo, as well as to MC Dash, Rona “Lippiestick” Cruz.

To my “brothers” in my day job (err? Night actually), Phep and Ken, Ms. Dhem for challenging me to put a post regarding the company then (before a sudden blew out which is already in private matters).

To Axl, JR (the guy behind Always 10), the lady on that Pinoy Bloggers’ group, Cristal (a.k.a. Sailor Star Catcher), MJ, Mangyan Blogger (also the man working with Lionheart), and to everyone I met during the 9th Philippine Blogging Summit and 2013 Blogapalooza. You guys definitely rock!

To my partner for the entire year (even we’re “out and away” for now), she also blogs, by the way. Thanks a lot!

Also, thanks to the Definitely Filipino bloggers’ family. Though it’s high time for the top contributor to write more stuff (besides, it’s already like one and a half year when I hold the spot that is no longer visible to the site).

Also, to my followers in Twitter and likers in Facebook who suddenly retweet some of my posts (seriously, I never expect that). Yeah, thanks!

Anyway, I really will look forward for more next year!

Author: slickmaster | (C) 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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