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Friday, January 17, 2014

Video: Studio 23's Final Sign-Off

1/17/2014 11:57:33 AM

As several of us witnessed the sudden departure of an old favorite, all I can have is a video recording. Well, just to clear things up – I do not own this. It’s just a recording. I saw this along with my camera phone at exactly 2 in the morning of Friday, January 17, 2014. Those were the very last moments of the 17-year old UHF channel Studio 23. Last five minutes, in fact, though programming wise-speaking it will still fall on their schedule dated January 16.

Anyway, like I said on one of my previous entries, 17 years is a very long serious run. No joke. Maybe it may be short compared to the two huge networks, but believe me – it is indeed a very long. I mean, long enough to establish their share of legacy in the Philippine TV.

And considering the fact that most of the mainstream networks have been producing garbage-like content at present? Indeed, Studio 23 is way too different than them. In fact, they’re a “total package” in my opinion, from NBA to old school sitcoms and action-comedy movies, to WWE Raw to selected Myx programs. What more can you lose (unless they do so)?

Studio 23, thanks a lot! (salute)

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  1. It's sad to see the Kabarkada go but I'm sure ABS-CBN would be developing a stronger and niche based channel.

    1. I'm seeing the same perspective considering that first they shy away from turning it into a news format (since they already had two in DZMM Teleradyo and ANC anyway); and second, they air shows that (even on the entertaining aspect), really differs from the typical mainstream content.

  2. No! I've always liked Studio 23, had just been so busy lately hadn't got the time to watch the cable. Such a loss!

  3. I love watching at Studio 23. They just know what to give you that you will certainly like. Didn't know they'll be signing off until now.

  4. Dang! So sad to see Studio 23 go! I agree it's quite the package of a network but at least they've made their mark! :(

  5. I remember watching "Charmed" on this channel. I fought for my rights to watch TV way past my bedtime when I was in grade school. It was my first act of parental defiance. Hahaha!!!!


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