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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The iBlog10 Experience (Part 3)

4/15/2014 8:42:13 PM

A few days ago, I had thought of creating a part 3 of my experiences on the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit. The funny thing though is that one of my friends in the industry replied of “go ahead.”

And now, turns out the joke was one me when I made this post real.

As much as there are several points I imparted on the first two write-ups of this series (which by the way, was my personal tales of accounts during the two-day event).

It just so happened that I’m so thankful with bunches of stuffs I garnered during the stretch.and I’m not talking about anything materialistic here.

Instead, I’m all about ‘learning’ this time around.
  1. Don’t write just because of Google. As what one of the social media kings Carlo Ople said (not in exact words though). Who cares if you’re the most searchable page on the world’s biggest search engine, while in fact you only have nothing but pieces of craps down there? It’s not bad to do the Search Engine Optimization, but make it your only second priority, ‘cause remember…
  2. Content is still the king. Right, the C word does matter the most. This is what your readers and digital marketers are really up into. No one gives a crap on your site look on its superficial aspect, nor how catchy your title is, ‘cause...
  3. Design only covers the small portion of your entire blog when it comes to SEO. Jason Bagio was right when he told me this. What’s the proof? My old blog design in 2012 where some readers expressed that I may have the good content – despite its not-so-freakin’-good outlook. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t focus on that aspect. Of course, you still have to level them all.
  4. We are all marketers. Even if don’t have that natural way of ‘sales talk,’ the thing is we actually marketing ourselves to the entire cyberspace. And blogging is not the only ways and means; there’s also social media. Even if the way we used to express – that counts as our own selling strategy. In my personal and philosophical article entitled ’69 Things In Life According To Me,’ I told in one of the items there, “everyone’s a salesman, and the world is a huge marketplace.”
  5. We’re not just bloggers. I’m not talking about our day-jobs here (even if reality-speaking, “I’m a BUM who blogs. LOL!”). It’s about professionalism too. Mr. Brad Geiger was right when he said we’re not just bloggers, as it alone lifts everyone’s status and morale in the entire society, regardless if that’s online or offline.
  6. Don’t use (nor don't take even part) the platform for any of the ‘dark ops.’ ‘Cause you want to troll something? Make people pissed out of what you’ve written? Or to simply attack a personality? Dude, I may be a rant-maker, and I may be tagged as a troll (by nonetheless but a mob of no-brainers) or bully, but there is a ‘thin line’ between expressing one’s word and ‘pure attack.’ I would discourage that, especially if: first, you know nothing at all; and second, you’re nothing but a coward in real life.
  7. Make your presence felt. This is how people will recognize you, regardless if you’re a big-time guy or just a member of an online cult. And if you’re sociable, or just a plain social climber (in a positive connotation), try joining on some online communities. Unless you don’t want to make many friends, doing such can be a huge starting step for you to get noticed. After all, we are all born to…
  8. Make a stand. Through the advent of blogging, one simple person can be an online sensation. And now with the advent of social media, and other platforms, making a statement has just got easier. And on that note, making your own opinion can be reachable at your fingertips.
  9. Never stop from chasing your passion. Take note: that P word keeps you going from doing what you love in the first place.
  10. Make social media your friend. People may think that social media can be that one huge enemy from other aspects of the World Wide Web, especially for blogging. But, actually, NO. It’s definitely not. In fact, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Tumblr (which is by the way a mixed platform of blogging and social networking), can be utilized to make your voice heard. It can be even more effective if you’re not that good on SEO.
  11. Be responsible. Not just on your words, or design, but also on your entirety. The fact that there’s always a ‘responsibility’ accompanied for every basic human right we had – even if it;’s about expressing thru WWW. Besides, if in real life, you regularly check yourself at the mirror and fixing yourselves before you go, the same approach also applies on your blog too. Why did I say so? Simply because…
  12. Your blog is your own brand. Just like as your name to your reputation.
  13. Blogging is the new REAL venue for aspiring writers. Have you noticed a number of authors, writers, even journalists and other professions rose to the occasion through the act of blogging? Let’s face it: not everyone has a chance to become part of the school’s paper, or a pre-production staff, or every other profession that requires writing. You might be stunned if I tell you that even doctors do blog (just like one of the speakers during Day 2).
  14. It’s even the new ways and means for the so-called ‘citizen journalism.’ Have you heard of the so-called news blogs? That one attests to this idea. The downside, though, is that a lot of bloggers tend to be irresponsible to post news items, too. And not all of them can really give a shit on the so-called ‘ethics.’
  15. We’re growing. The internet is 25 years old, and whoever thought about advancements come in an ‘instant,’ especially lately where phones evolved as well as from desktop to laptops to tablets?
  16. There’s a brighter way ahead. Well, if you asked me about the future of blogging…
Say, I already had a lengthy post. Maybe I should go for a Part 4.

Author: slickmaster | © 2014 september twenty-eight productions

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