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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The iBlog10 Experience (Part 4)

4/17/2014 10:50:53 AM

After hearing a lot of speaking engagements at the 10th Philippine Blogging Summit, I realized something: we have the capability to foresee them.

Yes, we all do, just like the trolls who used to create those ‘end-of-the-world’ prophecies.

Even yours truly came up with a list, which goes… like this:
  1. Blogging will definitely not die. It will even grow. It may not be as popular compared to the present times, but the venture is definitely here to stay.
  2. Cybercrime law can never stop people from blogging. You know, even during the hottest times of the so-called “Anti-Cybercrime Act of 2012,” the provisions can actually threatened one’s right of speech. But despite that, I don’t think it can really put the blogosphere’s revolution to an end. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t act like a cynical guy to the eyes of the internet advocates (‘coz in fact, I myself has been standing against the RA 10175’s dangerous clauses). And come to think the fact that we are in an ill-disciplined society and where laws aren’t ben implementing the way it should be.
  3. More books will be published. Since blogging was the new venture for aspiring writers, it’s not that hard to see why. Want some examples? Those books from the Definitely Filipino authors. Another? Lourd de Veyra’s THIS IS A CRAZY PLANETS. The’s popular commentary blog already compiled two books from his surreal number of entries. Aren’t convinced? How about Tricia Gosingtian’sfash-book (err, I mean fashion-content book).
  4. Blogging will penetrate the mainstream shores. Actually, even today… some bloggers already have been successful in penetrating the limelight.
  5. Internet will become a basic human right. Yes, it is now part of our freedom. In fact, one meme even shows the wi-fi as the hyper-extended version of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs aside from food, shelter, clothing, emotion and even sex (which believe it or not, is a basic human need at all).
  6. In the journalism aspect, blogging will be serving as an additional source of information. In fact, it is the more vintage form of the so-called “citizen journalism” (heard of news blogs?). Which means researchers will not having a hard day or night clamoring for the information they needed. All they need is… a piece of modern thingies.
  7. It will be more mobile. In the advent of technology where every gadget has its mobility, people now has the more capability to tell their story as it happens, just like an alternate version of live telecast.
  8. More people will be get into blogging. And I am not pertaining to the predictions where a sudden rise of numbers, huh? It’s just there will be more new people who will use the platform. And just because more people will take the new venture…
  9. Expect a much stiffer competition ahead. Of course, people will gonna race for their stats, audience and even revenues. And come to think that the “world as a huge battlefield;” it’s like a jungle-like battle royal match on wrestling, where “every man is for himself.” But I would highly suggest though that we should not treat others as if they are our opponents at all. It will not help you gain everything, believe me.
  10. Everyone will be an entrepreneur. Well, technically speaking, we are in our very own right. But with the emergence of startups, more people will have that kind of mindset and personality which can be really helpful at all.
  11. Everyone’s a historian. Well, Ms. Janette Toral was right when she told this on her presentation. And count Mr. Clarence Nixon too via his blog post. Actually, there mere fact we’re putting some inputs in our respective blog sites (especially if we’re doing it a la typical diary or journal type), we are already recording our own tale of events. We are author of our own respective lives, and as well as our own respective legacies.
  12. Expect changing of behaviors. If during the old times, we only focused on one aspect of our daily lives; now… there’s a habit which Howie Severino called as the “multi-screen behavior.” Yes, everyone will be multi-taskers.
  13. Expect new brands to emerge. We’ll never know. There might be a new dominating platform in the world of blogging in the future. There’s also a chance that a new social networking site can even lord over Facebook and Twitter (remember, at one point of our lives, Friendster was the name of the game in the early 2000s… until Facebook came over and ruled the social media world in 2009 – even if in reality is FB has been already in the circulation since 2004).
  14. And last but not the least… there will be no apocalypse. No signs of 12-20-2012. Only ‘climate change.’ Besides, no one can really tell ‘when’ at all.
Author: slickmaster | © 2014 september twenty-eight productions

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