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Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Just My Opinion: WrestleMania XXX: Breaking The Streak

5/5/2014 7:49:14 AM

(Yes, apparently, this is a very super duper late post) 

Who could have though the streak would come to an end…his way? Well, if you wonder and asked “what the hell am I taking about?” better check out this video.

Yes, of all the men who tried to stop Mark William Calaway, it was only Brock Lesnar who went successful in defeating him. After 22 years.

Calaway, known popularly as the wrestler “The Undertaker,” has been on a roll since his very first WrestleMania match in 1991. Several superstars from the past have tried to contain him, but to no avail. Even the likes of Shawn Michaels (who battled the Taker twice), and even Triple H (thrice) can’t weather the deadliest storm, with that horrific entrance regardless if there’s a bunches of smog-liked smoke, fire, horrendous acts or gestures, and even coffins.

But the Deadman, 49, already crossed paths with Lesnar, a 36-year old from Minneapolis, numerous times during their career. And specifically it happened during the WWE’s “Attitude era,” and even during one of Lesnar’s fights at the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And frankly speaking, it was Lesnar who lord over the Undertaker way back then. So, shifting a few years in a fast-forward speed, if everyone (including yours truly) shocked on his sudden loss, there’s a reason to back it up.

Or maybe, it was the Taker who wants to put his streak into an end, just like his revelations during his matches against Tripe H a few years back.

Let’s face it: age plays a different factor here. Plus the almost five-decade old boxer from Death Valley is now just a “part-timer” with the WWE. Like it’s a sign to either retire from playing the sport. 

Maybe it’s really a “high time.”

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