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Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Pre-Take: Extreme Rules

5/3/2014 10:29:10 PM

As much as everything goes stale for me in the pro wrestling world (specifically I haven’t even wrote my separate takes for the battles for this past Wrestlemania), here are my predictions for WWE Extreme Rules 2014:

- John Cena still prevails over Bray Wyatt in that steel cage match; 'cause pulling off a disappointment can make fans boycott the entire event. But the overturn can still occur, if the Wyatt patriarch uses his physical strength the same as his mind power).

- El Torito will win over Hornswoggle, and that’s another battle for the fans. But, ugh. Seriously?!

- Big E still retains his Intercontinental Championship belt. And no wonder why. All it takes is a neutralizer to a bad news (but hey, Wade Barrett's entertaining though)

- Paige would most likely retain her title as the Diva’s champ over Tamina. But definitely this should be a one heck-of-a-fight considering Superfly’s daughter has always been a strongest contender for the title.

- Daniel Bryan will win it again over Kane. It’s always been like that. Daniel Bryan’s always been a both monster and warrior. He’s on his very toughest and best form. Well, I hope things would not get more over-rated though.

- Cesaro will prevail in their triple threat match against Rob Van Dam and Jack Swagger. Let’s face it. The new Heyman guy may be a heel, but he got the talents of a perennial superstar right now.

- Xavier Woods and R-Truth should have made the contest a “no hold barred” if they want to crush Alexander Rusev. ‘Cause on a very normal 2-vs-1 battle, there’s only a little chance they would lord over the super-athlete.

- Evolution may have the enriched number of experience, but the Shield would stand over the vets once again. They had done that against Kane and the New Age Outlaws on Wrestlemania. Chances are, Reigns might be the destructive force to be reckoned if we’re talking about individual talent here.

Overall, the event looks like a bust when it comes to stipulations. Somehow, the event title match gives a bit of justice, plus there is a steel cage battle, handicap clash and a triple threat match. I just hope Extreme Rules wouldn't turn to be a total bummer unlike the previous pay-per-view events with exception to WrestleMania XXX!

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  1. The Shield vs Evolution proved to be the best match for me. As usual, the Hounds of Justice didn't fail to entertain. I've been enjoying all their ppv matches since their debut. The only dud for me, and it isn't really awful, was their squash at Mania. Would've been more entertaining if it wasn't. As much as I like Reigns, I hope they don't break the team up for that reason - they work well together.

    Is it just me or Big E is boring? They have to repackage him. Big and athletic, he should be made a badass. He looks like a doofus to me. A change of costume perhaps?

    Speaking of wardrobe, I know I'm unleashing my inner Joan Rivers, I think it's high time that Cesaro lose those bands around his legs. It looks like he has silk stockings, ala 80s porn star. Always been a fan of his and I love this push. Just hope they don't make him face.


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