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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Throwback Post: Why Iron Man Is Better Than Superman (And Any Other Superhero Movie) On 2013?

8/2/2013 11:14:53 AM

Apparently, this was a super-late post made through my drafts. Yes, it's been stuck for a year. Now, I know that Spiderman and X-Men were ruling the superhero movie scene (no doubt). But since I'll publish this on everyone's favorite throwback day named as Thursday, oh, well...

I heard some comparisons between superheroes on which of them really emerged for this year. A little says “Iron Man is the coolest.” And the other would say “No. Superman is always way better than iron Man.”

Though I have to admit – comparing these two toughies may be unfair, as:

First, they are from different comic-producers; which means that they have different creators, teams, and personalities.

And second, they have their own “prime time.”

Anyway, going back on this game…

Well, if we’re talking history here, I’ll say Superman was always, and is always the best and the most recognized superhero. It’s like banging the question of “Who the hell is the Iron Man in the first place anyway?” inside your mind. Before the younger Stark was born, the DC Comics’ main man was already in the circulation of both drawn-colored-and-ballooned strips, and film reels.

Some would even speculate like, “Heck, even Wolverine can top any of these two superb patriots.” Yeah right, since the people from X-Men was more recognized than the Avengers.

But… nah, out of  5 (or 4 or even 6) superhero movies (that actually came from any of these three things: comic books, action figured toys, and cartoon series) that went on public screening this year, I’ll say that this year, we saw Tony Stark flying the highest among them all.

Forget Jor-El’s son who got the earth name of Clark Kent for that matter. Yeah, right. He may came from the Krypton planet, and Iron Man may not made it way past the clouds of his home planet. But certainly his popularity and impact made it way above than its stratosphere.

Perhaps, maybe Wolverine got a bit of the advantage of being mortal; and the fact that Hugh Jackman is still the Hugh Jackman we saw in the latest X-Men generation of actors. And the fact that the team-up of Bruce Willis and Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson in G.I. Joe’s second film turned out to have a less impact and more criticism from the reviews.

But the third Iron Man motion picture turned out to be one of the epic blockbusters for 2013. No wonder why they’re called as the hottest superhero movie of this summer. Can you blame the Man of Steel from stealing the nation’s spotlight from what is supposed to be “Independence day?” That would have a bit of a factor.

Look, Superman’s latest installment was close to be the best, too. It tells a story regarding Superman’s real origin – without any major rivalries encountered except for General Zod’s forces. But is that all? 130 minute-flick may seemed not be enough for that. Seriously.

Unlike Shane Black’s direction which appeared to close the entire trilogy of Stark Industries’ chairman emeritus’ super-humane adventures. John Favreua may be sick and tired of doing the chores, and Happy instead leveled up to be one of the film’s executive producers. From OBB to CBB and the follow-up credits scene, it’s like a total flashback sequence, on how Stark and Dr. Maya Hansen spent a night together in Bern, to his supposed to be present day-life with Pepper Potts, on how Aldrich Killian took everything away (I mean, everything and in almost instant way) from the protagonist, and how Tony avenged to get back on the Mandarin.

And he got that “attitude” despite not having an unlimited supply of patience. That’s the real swagger for you.

So, as this year may end, and a lot of superhero installments would take place… indeed, Iron Man did dominate this 2013.

Author: slickmaster | © 2013 september twenty-eight productions

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