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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Tough Kid's Passing

06/27/14 01:15:14 PM

If wrestling is only for tough guys (how we wish, right?), well, think again.

As much as we would like to think of any sort of hardcore awesomeness thing like professional wrestling, we're in the reality where kids younger than we are (during our respective childhood eras) have much louder fan voice. No wonder why they're a fan of John Cena (sometimes, “fuck PG” was all I can say).

And maybe, 'cause everything is all in the power of your hands, so was this child. His name is Connor Michalek, a then-six year old wrestling fan on Pennsylvania, whose battling a tumor that affected both his brain and spinal column.

Now, how on earth do this young guy became part of the “Yes!” revolution? By simply idolizing Daniel Bryan. In 2012, they crossed paths in perhaps such a warm moment (from a fan boy's perspective). Since then, Bryan kept in tough with the patient and his family, leading to an array of ecnounters with fellow superstars, with the last came after watching the “Super Bowl” of pro wrestling—WrestleMania XXX.

But just within the month of April 2014, the fighting kid passed away, prompting Stephanie McMahon and company to establish a charity fund for kids who faced various yet similar to Connor's situation. Forget what we generally saw on TV (since the off-the-squared-circle feud's just plain “scripted” anyway).

Now, I wonder: what does it imply for kids watching WWE? I don't know. As much as we want to kept the real violence on camera, unfortunately, the WWE can't do that at all. And I'm not criticizing on them anyway.

Why? Times have changed. We have a growing population, aside from the fact that “what's best for business.” Though the quoted phrase really wanders me at all. Wait, you're losing stocks. Vince ain't a billionaire titlist at all unlike Donald Trump, so maybe they have to do something on a positive limelight and at the same time, portray the sport the way it should be.

Ranting aside, if we want to real derby-like fight, then we should either dig boxing or mixed martial arts, something that Brock Lesnar once belonged to before evolving and vowed to bring “legitimacy” to WWE—and that's UFC.

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