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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Missing The Disenchanted Kingdom

9/21/2014 4:47:24 PM

I have been a huge fan of Philippine radio for almost half my age already, especially during my college years when some of the stations turned backs on the Contemporary Hit (CHR) type. There’s no more Campus Radio on 97.1 WLS FM; it’s been a very long while since 93.9 KC FM switched letters to a single I; and Magic 89.9, though still remained as the one of the top cliché FM stations aside from RX 93.1 and 99.5 RT, still made a big switch in their programming during the mid-2000s.

Since then, most of us listeners have our ears glued in to the likes of The Morning Rush and Good Times with Mo in the morning (plus, Sam vs. Sam as then-third alternative), and Boys Night Out, other RX radio specials, and The Brewrats during nighttime. Well, during the the latter part of the decade, before NU107 bade goodbye after being the premier rock music station for almost three decades—plus The Brewrats on their stay at U92, another primetime program ushered by the name of The Disenchanted Kingdom.
Launched by 99.5 RT in 28 September 2009, The Disenchanted Kingdom was a promise; like a bomb waiting to explode and perhaps immediacy to bring laughter and light relief to some Metro listeners considering that ironically, it was two days after tropical storm Ondoy ravaged the country’s capital as well as the nearby provinces in both central and southern regions of the Northern Philippines.

The program reminds me of that old Magic morning show called The Morning Zoo Crew. The difference is that King DJ Logan had a lot of cast different from TMZC. There’s Cleo Caliente, Lu Skywalker and Marf to name a few.

I won’t tell the accounts on how they fare up during their tenure as the morning show (similar to what they did during their evening slot) as I utter these words as my reiteration: despite I am writing this sort of tribute, I am not their a huge fan. 

In fact, it was during their latter months where I managed to have my set tuned in to the 99.5 dial more frequentky.

Yes, it was during the summer of 2012, during my stay at our provincial house in San Ildefonso, Bulacan. During those evenings where the Philippines was then-already stressed out on the happenings about the impeachment court of Chief Justice Renato Corona. In fact, during my stay in the province, I brought my decade-old radio set along with me (you see, I had a lot of failed flings, flirts, and okay technically almost love-liked relationships already but my radio remains my best friend!).

Yes, we’re sick of these old horrendous, atrocious-to-the-ear legal terms, and the fact that a lot of news stations already gave them too much feed (information overload), so why not we end the night on a high note?

Talk about switching dials, huh? Way back then, it was only the trio (King DJ Logan, Marf and Cleo Caliente) piloting the ship during 6:00-9:00 PM. Sometimes, their friends joined the crew for a night to provide some sensible talk plus massive humor.

Who else here remembers those “Pinoy na Pinoy” segments? Like this one last April 17, 2012 episode… about Beauty Pageants.

PnP is basically about typical signs of a Filipino dealing with certain situations such as the given example above. One of them said during the beauty pageant, there are gays who usually comment about the set-up of the stage, and a whole lot more (feel free to waste 16 minutes of your life listening to this audio clip from Pinoy Radio Fan’s YouTube, please?).

There’s one instance during the program where they tackled possible signs of­ your friend. Like “yung kaibigan mong….” for example:  a sign about your friend having the potentials of a D.O.M. (Dirty Old Man) —if he usually brings a clutch bag with him, if he’s watching ‘toro,’ if he likes your younger sister’s Facebook photos more than yours, etc.

Then also, some crazy (or let’s say good-timed) listeners got their airtime on the DK like Edric.
In addition, they also had “triple threat,” a segment where each host will be playing a game by saying a three-word statement as an answer to a given topic.

I just can’t recall though if the DK used to play the Pepe game. I remembered that antic during King DJ Logan’s heydays with the Boys Night Out on Magic 89.9 (yes, in case you don’t know he was also the pioneer of that show before he left and at the same time Sam YG joined the station on August 2007).

Anyway, aside from several guesting segments and humorous games, the Disenchanted Kingdom will never be the Disenchanted Kingdom without this segment called “O Diyos Ko!” the part of their program where Marf dishes out the latest gossips and news on the local entertainment industry. There are times where even celebrities like Iwa Moto would have their cameo and talking about what’s happening in the showbiz insider style.

However, just when RT bade goodbye and switched their call names to PLAY FM, so was the DK.
Man, three years was a short but a very good run. How we wish we really have more high-quality entertainment programs like this, don’t we?

Look: King DJ Logan was definitely one of the best jocks this radio industry ever had. I mean, good voice (ehem), huge sense of humor, and a no nonsense-talker. What more can you lose? This guy can actually man a show by himself.

Marf, more than just being a butt of KDL’s jokes and a showbiz insider, err, reader, was a goddamn good jock at all. His role somewhat makes the DK having a good chemistry along them as hosts, and their listeners.

Don’t be deceived by her foxy swag. Cleo, also known on RT as the “sleepless sexy” (in case you don’t know, she handled 3-7AM shift a few years back) and the guest known as “Inday” of the Brewrats, was actually a geek. Talk about beauty and brains, huh?

Since as of the moment, looks like KDL is out of Wave (I thought that was sabbatical), though a rare listener of this program, we wished for the DK to rise again soon. Yes, ”meynteyn” lang, mga pare.

Nobody can deny this:  the Disenchanted Kingdom was like a prized jewel of contemporary radio already.

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight productions

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