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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Rundown Slam: NXT Takeover REvolution

12/24/2014 6:36:35 PM

At the event where the World Wrestling Entertainment is switching gears past the Authority Era, the developmental stage had few things in mind: the possibly shifting of supremacy in some kind of revolutionary manner, the entrance of another heavyweight shift in the pro wrestling scene, and the development of other stars...something I’d like to call as evolution.

NXT, the WWE’s developmental firm just had their fourth special episode of the year, and it’s called Takeover REvolution.

Kevin Owens, another prized talent in the sport signed to the WWE, and had its debut against veteran CJ Parker. 

The match was slightly a squash in favor of the debutant, though Parker’s palm strike triggered Owens’ power even more. Despite a bloodied face, KO owns the match. It may be short, (3:14 as timed) but perhaps enough to make an impression.

Verdict: 7

The Lucha Dragons made its first ever title defense since snatching the NXT tag team championships from the always-dangerous The Ascension, and their opponent: the Vaudevillains. The match also became too short for these two squads and appeared to be slightly one-sided in favor of duo of Kalisto and Sin Cara, but that doesn’t mean that the Aiden English and Simon Gotch tandem did not put up a fight. Still, the match came up short despite the hype these two brought a few weeks earlier.

Verdict: 6

Baron Corbin had finished his matches in just mere seconds prior to squaring off with Tye Dillinger (looks like a jobber for me), and true enough—with the presence of Bull Dempsey from the sidelines—Corbin get the job done in only 41 seconds. Take it from the crowd who’s shouting every second since the bell rang. 

But a staredown between Corbin and Dempsey might be a sign of another feud in the works. Who knows? Maybe, at the NXT’s upcoming special event these two will square off against each other, with their records on the line.

Verdict: 7.8

If the Tag Team Championship match was a bit of a buster, this next 2x2 battle is obviously, not. Finn Balor and Hideo Itami, two international wrestling superstars teamed up in defeating the former tag team champs The Ascension. While both Konnor and Viktor were on their creepiest self, and Hideo came like a typical wrestler in the ring, one hellacious thing occurred: the special entrance. Yes, it might be late for Halloween, but that’s just sic as shit.

The match seemed “okay” though. The pre-match hype brought the universe to its feet. But surely, it was longer than the other though much shorter than we expected. 

Verdict: 8.1

Charlotte managed to retain her NXT Women’s Championship title against Sasha Banks in a match that seemed too short either. But hey, it was hailed as another match of the year form the women’s division, huh? These two wrestled like their male counterpart (or even more than them). These two pulled improbable stunts and counters more than the usual. Now that—is a catfight right there!

Verdict: 8.8

Adrian Neville and Sami Zayn had the most airtime for the entire program though their match was timed only 23 minutes. So what happened on the remainder of the 45-ish minute segment? Well, good thing the hype managed to neutralize the entirety of the match. It went good though it turned out like a homecourt advantage for Zayn who’s been on a mission since time immemorial. 

He had lots of chances to snatch the NXT title from his friend Neville. But the underdog has to put everything on the line—including his career in NXT and his friendship.

Turns out when he finally won the big one, that’s already a seventh heaven for Zayn. The roster joined the universe on celebrating with him. He earned one thing that’s important aside from the C word – respect.

But minutes after Sami won the NXT title, and few seconds before Takeover REvolution formally went off-air, a surprise came: the turning back of his best friend Kevin Owens. Looks like these two will have a feud soon. Not a fan of Owens, so I can say I never saw that coming at all.

Verdict: 8.8

The Overall Verdict: 8.5

Author: slickmaster | ©2014 september twenty-eight prodcutions

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