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Friday, December 26, 2014

Playback: Enrique Iglesias – Bailando

12/21/2014 11:50:32 AM

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I’ve always considered Enrique Iglesias as one of the best contemporary Latin Pop musicians, aside from of course the always-hot multimedia star Thalia and former Menudo (and a confirmed one) Ricky Martin. Of course, his music has rocked both the world of Spanish and English languages for over a decade or so. And perhaps I can tell Escape, I Like It, and Tonight I’m Lovin’ You (or the uncensored one which is titled “Tonight I’m Fucking You”) to name a few.

Just over the recent years, it’s always those upbeat tracks which rocked my musical side the most (or maybe that’s just me anyway). This year, that posthumous single by Michael Jackson named Love Never Felt So Good made my year. Now, I’ve got top add another danceable track on that list, and it’s actually a mixture of Spanish pop and hip-hop. Talk about “Bailando,” Iglesias’ sixth single off the album Sex and Love which sent the world into their dancing moves since summer.

Well, the term itself was defined as “dancing.”

Before I give my take on this one, here’s a little background check in case you are lazy browsing your favourite site named Wikipedia: Cuban musicians Descember Bueno and Gente de Zona members Alexander Delgado and Randy Malcolm Gutierrez wrote the song; the former actually disagreed on recording the song at first, but changed his opinion after doing so. 

Bailando has four versions to date, the original Spanish version (performed by Iglesias, Bueno and Gente de Zona), the Spanglish version (with Sean Paul), the Brazlian Portugese version (Luan Santana) and another Portugese version intended for the country itself (Mickael Carreira).

Since then, the single achieved commercial success in over 30 countries across several regions of the world, including the Carribean, European and US Mainstream charts. The music video—which was documented on Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic—was published on 11 April 2014.

It also earned Iglesias three accolades in the 2014 Latin Grammys, including Best Latin Song of the Year. Billboard also billed Bailando as the Top Latin song of 2014. 

Telemundo’s Reina de Corazones also used the track as their anthem. On top of that, YouTube named Bailando as the second most viewed music video for 2014 (608,000,000+ hits for the Spanish version; 84,000,000 for their Spanglish counterpart), next to Katy Perry’s Dark Horse.

Despite its success though, it was also reported that Bailando was a copycat from “Lejos de ti,” a composition of Peruvian singer Sergio D’ambrosio Robles.

And despite huge success across the world though, the single has been a buster on the United Kingdom. Yes, even if Bailando was dubbed as the “Global No.1” for this year, it failed to make it on the UK top 50. It debuted at the 75th spot last September and only stayed there for a week.

I’ve heard all their four versions, I also saw their music videos, and in fact, the original version was performed in a dance by yours truly, along with my other officemates at the Christmas party recently. And if you want to understand this song even more—especially if you don’t really understand Spanish in the first place—listen to the Spanglish one. 

I can only utter that dancing, especially in the present setting–plus the ambiance of Latin culture, has something to do with two words (and it’s listed on the record itself): SEX and LOVE.

The rhythm of both genres has been perfectly blended, considering Gente de Zona has been known for making reggaeton music, the veteran Bueno for his jazz and hip-hop works, and Iglesias on the poppish side. Plus, the ballerina Ana Karla Suarez is hot enough to hand the lead girl spot perfectly alongside Havana’s Ballet Lizt Alfonso.

No wonder I’ll put my hands down to this Latino heat-ish track at all.

The verdict: 9.2


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