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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Playback: Mistletoe Disco Band – Auld Lang Syne

1/4/2015 2:29:12 PM

I’d like to kick off 2015 (though I've already written a lot of posts prior to this one) with this song.

Yes, after years and even decades of mystery in my mind, I only found this thing from one of my Facebook friends. Yes, when he posted the track on the evening of December 31, 2014; just in time when I was writing my yearend post then.

Admit it, you once heard a glimpse of this song way back then, don’t you? From the 80s and 90s programs — mostly on newscasts, sitcoms, and even the New Year’s celebration coverage itself! And even on the street parties held in lieu with the same agenda, and the yearend specials of those radio programs (yes, usually it’s their background).

Their version of Auld Lang Syne was so popular among the other pop renditions since 1980 and yet it’s a rare thing to find over the internet. I’ve been searching for this thing since the time I immersed myself on the cyberspace.

Only to found out that the certain Mistletoe Disco Band performed the 2:34-lenght track (or 3-minuter as its full length version)! Well, they seemed to have a little fanfare despite the song’s popularity though. I tried searching for any facts about the artist only to end up wasting hours of searching on it. 

However, I found their album. But I wonder why the song Auld Lang Syne isn’t part of that list?

Oh, wait... there it is!

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