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Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Scene Around: PWR Terminus

1/2/2015 8:12:17 PM

Local professional wrestling is on the verge of rising again. In case you’re wondering what the Helen of Troy am I talking about…here’s something I spotted over a month ago at the sports arena of the Makati Cinema Square.

Yes, it’s the Philippine Wrestling Revolution’s fourth event in 2014 named Terminus.

Ralph Camus served the ring announcer chores while Stan Sy manned as the general manager of the PWR in the evening packed of six wrestling cards.

Kicking off the night was the match between Ken Warren and Chris Panzer.

Warren, the so-called Social Minister addressed the crowd first with a promo on how he should finish Chris Panzer; only to found out at the end, he was decimated by his opponent with a Panzermonium.

Along the way, Kanto Terror picked Mark D. Manalo from the stands as his partner in the handicap match versus Main Maxx. Nelson, Jr. was supposed to be part of the cards but was then absent during the entirety of the Terminus.

Main Maxx was just as dominant despite facing an odd numbers game — and even despite Manalo pulling off some trademark moves from the wrestling superstars he idolized, such as that Stone Cold Stunner (wasn’t even sure if that appears like a real Stunner or was it an RKO). 

Funny thing though is that Main Maxx was the subject of tease from this group of audiences. He was mocked as the medium counterpart to the WWE wrestler The Big Show. And we just can’t help but to join the laughs and chants about it. Too hilarious not to ignore. But hey, Main Maxx was really a great performer.

The main event – which is the match between Bombay and Classical Bryan Leo came midway through the program only to reset the match and made it a 2x2 tag team match by Sy later that evening. Their tag team partners: Main Maxx for CBL, and the Senyorito Jake De Leon for Suarez.

After midway point of the program though, the Fall Count Anywhere match between Mayhem Brannigan and the Apocalypse took place with the stipulation if Brannigan takes the victory, he will be reinstated in PWR. True enough to the result, though it was helluva brawl as shit.

Say, Jake De Leon was kinda impressive inaction when he first took on a PWR bootcamp member huh? But more importantly, he built a rapport with his opponent at the end of the match. Now that’s a test for the neophyte. But hey, you’re interested to be like him? I’ll tell you more about that later on.

The match was kinda good with their shares of hits and misses. And the most likely victory went in favour of the Suarez-Senyorito tandem, with that superkicks JDL claims as “The Senyorito Kick.”

You have to appreciate the beef along the sideline though as CBL’s female partner Scarlett got tangled in a series of confrontations, and even a kissing scene with Suarez. Talk about building up the drama and hype, huh?

After the program, I managed to meet the honchos of the Smark Gilas Pilipinas, a Philippine-made wrestling podcast which mostly publishes fresh episodes on a weekly basis. Being an avid listener, it’s always grateful to meet the people whom you’ve been (well) listening for. Nice meeting them all though.

By the way, if you are an aspiring pro wrestler like the ones you used to see in any of the PWR shows, or even over the internet videos, and even on the likes of WWE, and TNA… the Philippine Wrestling Revolution is setting up a botcamp on January 18, 2015. Just check out their Facebook page for the details on how to get your ass in there.

Next event for the PWR will be on Feb 2015. Again, check out their Facebook Page for more info.

If you ask me, after these shows they held for the year, is pro wrestling getting the hype they wanted. Well, you know, if you (yes, you my reader) support them by showing up right there, (and even joining their pool in case you have the ability to strut your stuff), I'm telling you... wrestling may be underground unlike those heydays where RJ was the channel and the likes of Joe Pogi was a household name, but certainly they're getting there soon.

Here are some of the photos though.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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