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Monday, March 02, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE NXT Takeover Rival

3/1/2015 3:16:19 PM

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Sami Zayn gets his hands at the man who once called him as “best friend” but at the same time that turned back on him after winning the NXT championship; while it’s Charlotte and Sasha Banks again for the NXT Women’s championship – plus Bayley and Becky Lynch; and a whole lot more occure4d in this NXT special event known as Takeover Rival.

“Kick-off” Battle

Kicking off the evening was the match between former #1 contenders Hideo Itami and Tyler Breeze; a match which first started on a locker-room outburst by the heelish Prince Pretty. Say, this could trigger a long-time rivalry in the WWE’s developmental firm.

Oh, perhaps much longer than a selfie-stick, and a fan girl heckling Breeze’s entrance.
Tyler’s figure four lock on the ring post was somehow, much devastating than his sharp-shooter. Somehow, he must have done a great job of working on Hideo’s leg power; but not enough to put the Japanese fighter away as Hideo unleashed himself. His running kick reminds me of a much-elevated running knee by Daniel Bryan.

Somehow, not a bad match to start then night though not enough to hype the game itself.

Verdict: 7

Wild Animals

Next on line was the “no disqualification” match between the Lone Badf Wolf Baron Corbin and The Human Wrecking Ball Bull Dempsey. Say, Dempsey’s entrance does not sound good to the conservative Filipinos. (If you know what I mean.)

screengrab from YouTube
What a badass match; though hopefully we will see more of them soon. The brawl wasn’t just enough for the ample time given on Takeover. Plus, it was only Corbin who managed to kick out of Bull’s prized finisher. Somehow, the wolf survived the bull’s punishment.

Verdict: 6.8


The Lucha Dragons went to the NXT special – this time without a title in their waists. They’re up for a challenge against Blake and Murphy.

Say, seeing the replay of their much as somehow, a tricky upset. And the former champs used their rematch clause. Can they redeem themselves?

Kalisto actually botched a jump but managed to put on a cross body. He’s always been on the roll, though his showmanship was stopped by a sudden cheap shot late in the game.
Counter-after-counter match. Just wow. This is much beautiful to watch. I imagine though if this battle took center stage as the special’s first segment though nonetheless, an awesome match. And somehow, almost true enough that B&M are worthy of the title.

Wait a second. Along the way, seems NXT had this gimmick known as “hacking the broadcast,” bnut nonetheless, it did not stopped the Takeover to be a Takeover.

Verdict: 8.1

For the Contendership

Finn Balor at his best entrance yet again; perhaps less creeper than what he did on Takeover: [R] Evolution – wait, I take it back, except for one thing: there’s a smoke machine on the ring post where he stood. Now, that’s fair enough.

Say, Neville’s corkscrew from the second rope was such a tough act to follow.

Another one counter after another match, plus kicks after kicks after kicks; indeed, it was the battle of the international superstars; thus, proving that pro wrestling as a mere combination of scientific and artistic gimmicks by risking everyone’s body on the line for the bragging rights to face the champion and a showmanship.
I’ll say this is one of the matches (if not the best alone) of the evening. Perhaps, the first one considering the battle execution seemed enough to bring everyone in the NXT universe on their feet.

And in addition, my early pick for the Match of the Year.

Verdict: 9.2

Foursome Catfight

Say, this Fatal-4-Way is a heck of a catfight. Perhaps, the first before UFC 184 took centerstage. Maybe because there are four women involved in this match-ups, so it’s kinda obvious that it’s gonna be crazy right there.
Say, Becky Lynch lived to expectations; and so was Bayley with her finishinbg touches and a German suplex. It is clear that Charlotte was out of her game when she was thrown to the LED board early in the game.

But I have to give it to Sasha Banks for taking it hard to the champ; resulting to a title change. She deserved the title by taking it the bossy way.

At the end, it was another top-calibrated match for the Divas.

Hey, I can say though that this rivalry between former BFFs will have another chapter.

Verdict: 8.9

Championship Onslaught 2.0

Zayn draws first blood, out of frustration with this jump. And that triggered the entire tempo of the match.
But Owens turned it into a squash. Shades of SummerSlam, where Sami was Cena and Owes was Brock (in other words, a typical underdog versus bully type). Though still, it’s kina unfair to compare them considering Kevin isn’t even unleashing suplex-after-suplex acts. In fact, Owens is not even hatred much (though Sami was of course more favored by the entire NXT Universe)

Sami rallied at some point; and perhaps, making his name trended worldwide on Twitter (sorry Directioners, it’s not what you think and I’ll quote the Rock: It doesn’t matter what you think!).

But at the end, Owens struck off the lights on Zayn, with five powerbombs, and a controversial decision: and we called that as a “referee stoppage.”

Man, the ending was an MMA-like. You know. (I already mentioned that thing above.)

Tough-yet-awesome fight to tell; and it’s too technical, mind you. 

Verdict: 8.7

Overall Verdict: 8.5

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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