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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Satchmi Record Store Week

4/14/2015 5:18:28 PM

I'm not a huge vinyl fan, but I do admire them for some time. And collecting them  could be a missing piece to the puzzle of every music fan (like yours truly).

Over the weekend, I dropped by at the Satchmi Vinyl Day to check out not just the big-circle shapes records on sale, but to see fantastic sets from different musicians as well.

But just when I thought Vinyl Day was just an all-day long affair, I was wrong. 

Yes... How about these guys from the country's premier vinyl distribution outlet giving an extension offer, like a Satchmi Record Store Week?

For six days starting the 13th of April, all records will be available with 20% discount off their respective price tags. In addition, their prized Motorino MK II will be also 20% more affordable than its original price. That’s from 13 – 18 April 2015.

Plus, every night, patrons and music aficionados will be treated by sets of acts made by Docdef Productions and Logiclub; featuring acoustic sets from soloists, pop rock bands and even fusion-genre musicians. Show starts at 6 pm and will run ‘til closing ‘time.

So, fair enough? You want to see awesome live performances, and own some classy music-listening pieces? Head on to the Satchmi Store, located at 4th floor of the Fashion Hall at SM Megamall right now, and enjoy the ambiance, products, the music itself and even variants of aesthetically-brewed coffee (yes, they’re selling them!).

Believe me, folks... it's gonna be as fantastic as it gets!

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