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Thursday, May 07, 2015

That BSB Fever

5/7/2015 7:54:14 AM

It’s been a throwback Thursday again as of this writing. And just two days ago, perhaps a lot of 90s kids and babies went to the Mall of Asia Arena for a “one-night-only” event for all the ages – talk about Backstreet Boys back in Manila. 

All that despite N’SYNC’s epic line goes “It’s gonna be MAY!”

They already build the hype few weeks (or even months) ago. The timing was perfect enough to bring the community back to its nostalgic consciousness. And perhaps kids—whose been fans of One Direction and 5 Seconds Of Summer – may be wondering on who the hell are Nick Carter and his crew of crooners-slash-street dancers; to which I retaliate by saying “this is the ‘boy band’ we used to grow up way back then. If you guys have the likes of Jonas Brothers, 1D and 5SOS, this is perhaps the similar (if not exact) counterpart.”

And please, people: quit arguing which boyband is and was the best of the world. Leave it to the legitimate music critics.

However, I will not talk about that either since it’s quite unfortunate for me to score a ticket (well, I was supposed to buy one only to realize that priced 3.5 thousand pesos and to think that I’m running short on my budget then).

Still, we can never deny that Backstreet Boys was one helluva boyband since two decades ago, when they debuted in the mainstream scene.

Plus the fact that they released around 15-20 songs over the stretch? That says it all. You count their stations the radio stations used to play over that course of time, and you’ll realize it’s not that hard to see the reason why.

Sure... Westlife, A1, O-town, and even Take That and LFO may have been legends at their own right (let’s respect that); but BSB was a major standout in that boy band category. Kids and adults alike, boys and girls were dancing to their upbeat tracks, and some were either serenading or doing their sentimental thing whenever they hear the slowdown singles.

Okay, back to what happened last Tuesday, anyone who witnessed them perform again must be really happy with its turnout. I’m envying all of you, you lucky bastards! (Just kidding!)

And that, my friend, is epic.

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