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Monday, May 04, 2015

Just My Opinion: The Surprised Defeat and the Bitter Aftermath

5/4/2015 6:43:16 AM
Photo credits: Mark J. Rebilas, USA Today Sports
I think it is unclear to say this; something unpopular or dirty in opinion. However that’s the reality we should face here—Floyd Mayweather, Jr. out-boxed Manny Pacquiao in whatever means.

Isn’t it obvious: the odds favored the American here? Battling in this tough WEATHER in the first Saturday of MAY? Besides, we were battling in an American city, his balwarte, obviously! Relax. There’s pun intended here, kids.

Yes, there's pun since it's such an irony that the now-unified titlist was jeered the hell out by the audience. To think that the majority of them weren't Filipinos and in fact, Americans.

However, I don’t to sound like a sports analyst here (though I used to be one at some point before), instead I’d rather talk about why we think this so-called “Fight of the Century” was in fact a very boring one. Leave most of the blow-by-blow accounts to the legit ones like my boy SportyGuy as well as these veterans like Quinito Henson, Ronnie Nathanielsz, Dennis Principe, and even Snow Badua.

But boxing was not just about a “blood sport” where one must knock the shit out of his opponent, but also outpointing him in punches; and let’s face it, folks – we’re not used to that type of game. Because one thing we aimed to see in such very contact sport like boxing (as well as mixed martial arts and even professional wrestling) is something that is driven by violence.

Admit it, we liked to see blood, black eye, and most probably, a knockout victory here. From there, we will taunt the fallen athlete as the decision was made, announcing his loss in the process.

But not in the case of any of our warriors like Manny Pacquiao (and still, that KO defeat to Juan Manuel Marquez still left a bitter taste in our mouths), whose been a Pinoy version of Superman to us.

However, he lost that killer instinct in his recent years. He’s not the same old Manny we used to expect during his contests where he and his superb punches knocked his opponents down the stretch.

The question: Did Floyd Mayweather really win the fight? On a superficial level, we might think he cheated, just like how Timothy Bradley defeated the PacMan 35 months ago.

But if you take a look on the aspects of technicality and if you reviewed the tape for several tries (that’s if you could download copies of them on the pirated sites) or just taking a very closer look, that might changed your perspective.

And you will see that this Moneymaker was the hustler of this current boxing business.

Sure we may berate, "it’s obvious he’s a dirty player right there. You noticed his heel-ish character (talk about a pro wrestling reference here), being a trash-talker, and his ‘dark’ skin” to which is something that is racist at will."

Alright, ‘racist’ advocates: reality is we are all racists at our own, respective rights. We just choose whether to flaunt it or not. On the other side though, the problem on resorting to these 'ad hominem' remarks is the fact that most of us can’t take Mayweather being victorious against our bet.

Let’s face it: he lost the fight despite being in non-obvious fashion. Again, the objective in boxing is to out-punch the opponent on whatever means, and that includes some sort of ‘mind games’ and ‘tactical strategy’ right there.

And after 12 rounds, Mayweather had clearly done that.

You can argue that Floyd was running away from Manny and whenever the latter gets an upper hand, the former just shrugs by ‘hugging,’ stopping Pacquiao’s momentum in the process, but that’s just his style. And the problem is that from the start, it was all-Mayweather’s game in terms of tempo or pace. There were few rounds where our boy Manny has shown brilliant dominance, but at the end of the contest who just ran away with the prize?

If you ask for rematch though, I don’t think there is a need to. First and foremost, Manny Pacquiao had nothing to lose—except for that match. I mean, prior to this recent showdown, his name was already carved in the history books. Winning eight division world titles was never a joke. He experienced a humiliating loss before. But from there, he made his way back to the ring; and that already counts as a comeback story.

As a boxer, he represents what the Filipino spirit is really about (and no intentions to copy a John Cena or Dwyane Wade mantra here): when you win, you get even; and when you fall, you will rise and get back up.

Pacquiao’s defeat is the best situation to say whether we are really rooting for Manny or is it just because we’re just joining the bandwagon. This is where the real #PinoyPride kicks in.

In lieu with that, take the Moneymaker's words: "Keep supporting Manny Pacquiao."

Well, heads up. Manny may have lost the fight; but never the rapport and respect this guy had from us as boxing fans.

Though still, in reality, professional boxing was more of a business-talk; not for a “for the pride of the country” namesake. Sometimes, don’t be deceived by what the Philippine media is showing you.

Still, Mabuhay, Manny!

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions


  1. UnliRUN and UnliHUG won the game of chase from my point of view. The fight was really boring, Manny just kept chasing Mayweather around the ring and nothing else really happened. He can run, I'd give him that. I wonder how being booed for a win felt like. Manny lost this so called fight but was still cheered on in MGM. That says a lot.

  2. Manny played fair and that's all that matters. Filipino are still very proud of him.

  3. I should say this fight was VERY boring. Not thrilling at all. Manny pulled out more effort in running than the opponent. Quite tiring in his case and it wasn't even reciprocated appropriately. Kapagod yung iwas ng iwas, kairita! Haha

  4. Indeed boring with all the hugs and running. But anyway, I am still a Pacman fan.

  5. The most boring "Fight of the Century".haha..Themesong ni Floyd para kay Manny.."Sometimes I RUN.." "Sometimes I HIDE..", "Sometimes I'm SCARED of you.." "All I wanna do is to HOLD you tight." hahaha.. :D

  6. My impressions about the game changes as days pass by. I guess there are just so many speculations I don't know who to believe.

  7. What Mayweather did was smart. He didn't fight to maintain his title. He seems to know it already; remember how he held up his hands for his victory even if there was seconds left. Manny did loose but he gained more than what Mayweather did: it's respect.


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