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Sunday, May 03, 2015

The Pre-take: Battle for Greatness

5/3/2015 4:36:20 AM

Photo credit: The Philippine Star

It was five years in the making. 

Five years of taunting in front of the media. Five years where each camp lambast one another. Five years of ‘negotiating.’ Five years of falters. 

And just few months prior to 2 May 2015, (technically this morning of 3 May 2015, Manila time) they have met on a random sporting event. They finalized the deal and proved that words on-air may be powerful, but never got to spit on each other’s faces. 

However, one thing’s for sure: come Saturday night in Las Vegas, the world will witness everything; lots of boys and girls, children of all ages, will lure into their television sets/radio sets/computers/or live inside the Sin City’s MGM Grand Garden Arena; things like crime, warfare or even traffic situation will stop; and moreover, words may be powerful as hit, but you can match them with punches – be it a slight jab, a swerving hook, or a monstrous uppercut.

Is this a clash of the boxing races? No. 

Is this another clash of top boxing identities? Well, definitely.

Is it all for the money? At some point, yes.

Orthodox versus Southpaw? Hell yeah.

In fact, this is literally clash of the top-ranked boxers at present according to the press club. (By the way, no intent to steal the reference bar from Bob Arum’s promotional firm though.)

How about for the country? On Manny’s side, it might be. Well, it’s like since time immemorial, professional boxers were treated as if they are fighting for the so-called Filipino Pride. And it may be right and wrong sometimes, depends on circumstances and one’s perceptions on what this sport is really all about.

A few weeks back, I saw a lot of predictions—from boxing legends to the current ones, to the broadcasters who does the play-by-play call and analysis, and ultimately to every celebrity who used to watch boxing as their past time, to every citizen of this world whom became instant sports analysts.

This is what the phenomenon brought by these boxers: so popular that almost everyone (if not all) has a say on practically most aspects.

As much as I want to say my take for this matter, I think it’s better yet to check out the tale of the tape first.

Asian Fight Scene
It’s quite obvious that Floyd Mayweather has the money for the winning run here. The question now, will the streak continues come May 2nd, when he faced this era’s one of the best pound-for-pound boxers? Or will this be another shocking moment in sports history, like how Brock Lesnar defeated the Undertaker and his two-decade WrestleMania dominance? Should that happens though; the only undefeated person in this field will be Ronda Rousey, the current women’s bantamweight champion at the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

And physical characteristic-wise, Floyd still holds the slight advantage. 

So it would all boils down to style. Can their trademark game plans work? Ask the experts though.

However, age-wise speaking, Pacquiao has the edge against the Moneymaker. Be it comparison and number of fights. Besides, Pacman has held eight different division titles over the course of his career; compared to Floyd who dominated five.

I’ll say it’s more of a psychological-slash-egocentric warfare for Mayweather. Sure, the American may have lost once in an amateur boxing contest in 1996 Olympics; but non-pro is definitely different from professional.

And over the recent years, Floyd has powerful punches to back up his trash-talking. It takes a loss though to humiliate the guy. Yes, if he lost to Pacquiao that would hurt more of his ego. Forget the monetary aspect for a while; the mere fact that he threw racist jokes on Pacman before? That may haunt him should he wind up defeated.

As for Pacquiao, man, he’s gotten a long way. I just hope after this “Battle for Greatness,” win or lose, he will still be the greatest boxer in this generation. And if he lost to Floyd, okay he may demand a rematch soon. But still, Pacquiao has nothing really to prove here other than to shut Floyd Mayweather’s mouth. He can still moved on from a devastating defeat and we witnessed that when he was sent down face first to the apron by Juan Manuel Marquez.

Fair enough?

The pressure lies more on Floyd, because he’s the one who challenges the Filipino boxer, both by hook and by crook. Well, that’s just for me.

Anyway, may the best boxer wins!

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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