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Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Rundown Slam: WWE Money In The Bank 2015

06/25/2015 07:00:27 PM

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Talk about a late “cash in” here. It's been a week and a half since the World Wrestling Entertainment conducted their edition of the pay-per-view called Money in the Bank—an evening which offers an instant potential title shot called Money in the Bank ladder match.

And ironically, the MITB tussle itself was the opening segment for the evening.

Yeah, right. We all know that Roman Reigns was the 'poised' one to win the said battle, until somebody entered the picture and then, screwed his hopes by the name of Bray Wyatt.

Perhaps, a diversionary route to what could have been a 'legitimate' title contender Roman Reigns (and 'legit' in the sense where he's in the clear-cut picture for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and not because of the inorganic push he's been having for nearly half-a-year).

Sheamus won it, and perhaps an unexpected turnout for the part of us audience. Say, are we seeing him as a MITB holder heel sans the Authority? Perhaps for the first time right before Randy Orton turned out to be the cash-in opportunist as part of HHH's faction.

Rating: 6.7

Divas Title was nothing but a bit more of a bullshit when the Twin Magic had done it again in favor of (who else but) Nikki Bella. Plus I hate the fact that Brie's boobs did the trick once again. Other than that, it appear like the division is nothing sort of having a clear-cut distinction of who's the obvious heel and face characters. All we know, though, is that Paige runs like a one-lady army as if she's on a 1 vs. 100 game show.

But anyway, she deserved to win though on the other side, the Bella victory sends a solid message: it's all about surpassing the record of AJ Lee's title reign as the Divas' champion.

Rating: 5.9

The Big Show and Ryback in an Intercontinental championship match? Say, this looked like a Goliath versus more Goliath tussle, with the outcome signals disqualification in favor of the Show and perhaps setting a three-way feud come Battleground.

You know what? I just don't get it.

Except for one thing: Ryback, for sure, will retian his title come the next PPV. They need to build him up though, as a solid competitor—considering him winning his first ever championship in the WWE.

Rating: 6.5

John Cena versus Kevin Owens in a rematch, yet again?

Well, these two have put on a great show during the Elimination Chamber. And clearly, that one was considered match of the year.

This one, though, had a lot of good spots though it's quite a bit obvious this was another installment of this rivalry. And in all fairness the additional mocks and moves have added intensity and flavor in their storyline.

Cena won. But does this means that he buried Owens right there and then? No, because the newbie was clearly on the rise with him as the NXT champion, dealing with numerous archrivals, and perhaps—more merchandise sales in the company.

Rating: 8.8

The Primetime Players snatching the title away—by hook and by crook—from The New Day. Say, I think Titus and Darren deserved that one, considering their status as the uprisers in the tag-team divisions.

Besides, The New Day heel gimmick was a botch—despite earning jeers (which is actually a standard that states you're doing a great job). But Kofi Kingston wasn't that effective as such type of character. Big E and Xavier Woods were. But, heck: a positivity gimmick in a heel type? Somehow, that was a Bo Dallas experiment last year. But sadly, it was a botch in my eyes either.

Rating: 7.0

Seth Rollins may be helluva cowardly heel as the champ, but after Money in the Bank he proved two things: he can win the WWE World Heavyweight championship fair and square (yes, despite the stipulations in a 'ladder match'); and second, he did not need any help to retain it.

Perhaps, I had a fantasy booking in mind that both Rollins and Dean Ambrose will held the title when they fall down the ladder. Resulting into a draw, or restart the match. However, resorting into latter is somewhat counted as invalid argument. You let these guys grapple each other for almost 40 minutes and yet you're gonna extend their feud in the evening? You've got to be kidding me.

Say, Rollins is heck of a murderer here while Ambrose must have done a great job of selling injuries. But this is what a main event should be all about—if we're talking about some sort of 'no holds barred' manner like the ladder match.

On a match-up-by-name note though, Dean Ambrose wasn't really calibrated yet to become one. Maybe because they clearly needed somebody to have a top-caliber one or ones who can stand a chance against the heel. And sad to say, Roman Reigns is not yet poised to be one. I don't Sheamus can either.

One thing on the upside though: Brock Lesnar. The beast incarnate is coming.

Rating: 8.6

Say, aside from the two matches, Money in the Bank turned out pale. Or maybe, because a lot of rivalries are facing unclear paths.

Or, shit, maybe that's just me.

Overall verdict: 6.4

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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