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Saturday, June 20, 2015

Upcoming: Fête de la Musique in Manila 2015

06/19/2015 01:59:54 PM
Photo credits: Fête dela Musique Philippines Facebook Page; CNN Philippines
I have never been to a music event popularly known as Fête de la Musique—or in English, the World Music Day (or Make Music Day)—though it already entered my consciousness way back then. Specifically, during the high school years where the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) was name of the game in the local music scene.

Before we put my hands down on this one, what on earth is Fête de la Musique?

It was the largest international music festival created by Maurice Fleuret, though the concept was similar from American musician Joel Cohen, who then worked for the French National Radio as a producer for its musical radio programs.

In 1982, Fleuret, then-Director of Music and Dance, held the first-ever Fête de la Musique at Paris after following several studies which states that at least one child out of two, has played a musical instruments; thus, living his dream of a way to bring people out in the streets and showcasing the cultural habits on most of then-five million French people.

Following the success, French Minister of Culture Jack Lang has set the all-day musical festivity as part of France's national celebration. Since then, the rest of the world followed suit as 700 cities around the world celebrated the festivity by means of having a lot of musicians playing together, including the cities from Australia, Russia, Greece, Brazil, Mexico, the United States, and even here in the Philippines—which first held the first-ever fête in 1994.

Fast-forward to present. If you think “OPM is already dead,” then you are dead wrong, pal. In fact, there are total of 20 stages here in the Metro where the entirety of events will be held. Several organizations such as National Cultural Commission for the Arts, Intramuros Administration, Alliance Franciose Manille, B-Side, Department of Tourism, Embassy of France to the Philippines, as well as the venue partners, media outlets, and event production groups, teamed up to made the 21st Fête De La Musique in Manila Possible; thus, making its patrons “live the music together” in the process.

There will be a kick-off party this coming Friday, 6:00 PM at the Skypark at SM Aura, Taguig with the French indie folk duo My Name is Nobody performing live.

Then on Saturday, the A-venue Open Parking and Greenbelt 3 Park—as well as the 17 pocket stages waged around Makati City—will be having the 21st edition of “fête” itself. Stages for certain music genre as follows:

The shows will run by 3:30 PM onwards. So imagine for like close to hundreds of musicians in over 10-12 hours of music. What more can you lose, people?

And just when you thought the fun stops on a Sunday morning (or Saturday midnight), there will be another show at 4:00 PM Punta Real in Intramuros, City of Manila as well as at the City of Dreams by noontime.

Cebu City will be having their own Fête de la Musique as well.

So I guess, this coming Saturday will be a helluva good night with over-flowing music streaming across the streets of Makati, eh? Though on a personal note, as much as I find all the offerings as interesting as it gets, I'm more excited to see what's happening to the indie stage, considering the scene's always not running out of new, fresh, and exciting names and tracks—be it a cover or original (though more of the latter) on every gig possible.

Anyway, I'll share my take on those matters soon.


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