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Friday, July 31, 2015

Playback: Rockin1000 – Learn To Fly (Foo Fighters)

07/31/2015 01:27:16 PM

Say, how do you persuade an international musical performer—be it a solo diva or singer, or a group of rockstars—to come to your home country and perform for a night of festivity?

How about orchestrating a huge—and I mean HUGE—orchestra or rock bands? Just like what ROCKIN1000 did on Italy. 

Yes, a pile of acts comprised of a thousand people (yes, 1000 musically-inclined persons—and of course, diehard fans of the band called Foo Fighters) who did the vocals, guitars, and drum chores—plus not to mention the one conducting from way up stands and numerous staff who did the filming—in front of the uncountable number of supporters in a 7-minute long video performing Learn To Fly, the band's signature hit aired in 1999.

Man, they even outplayed a typical orchestra; considering organizing a huge project is no joke—taking even more than a year on processing the concept, plus learning to ropes of “soundcheck” like how a typical musician rolls in a gig—be it on a rock genre or not.

And in all fairness, the flaws were nowhere to be found. And who the hell am I to do so? Man, this video is really awesome to nitpick. Everything was totally in sync; something that is very, very rare to find. I guess, the hardwork in rehearsals do pay a lot good! Kudos!

Is this even considered a miracle? Well, as much as I want to say no or digress about it, I have to agree, Fabio Zaffagani! After all, everything was done in such a magical manner.

The video made it on YouTube on Thursday evening. And the last time I checked, its counter was about to reach the 3 million mark. AWESOME SAUCE!

Say, has the band responded? Well (hopefully), I think it could be a “FUCK YEAH,” considering they still touring around despite a leg injury sustained by its vocalist Dave Grohl a few months back. And to think that the band has not been to Romagna (a region in Northern Italy) since 1997, as the SPIN article stated.

Now this is where Ryan Rems' signature wit goes best: “ROCK AND ROLL TO THE WORLD! WOOO!”

Now that is how the love of music really works at all!

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