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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The War Inside

11/16/2015 8:41:42 PM

Seems the freaks went unleashed in the France’s capital city Paris during Friday the thirteenth, eh?

Cut the fucking F pun. This is not funny at all (pardon). Not a single human being (unless you’re a ruthless mutherfucker violently-driven bitch) wants a single act of terror to rule the world; especially at the city where love rules like Paris.

Did anyone see it coming? From the stands who watched the football game; from anyone who just ate their dinner; from every gig-goer out there who just want to vent the stressful night by listening to some heavy metal music?

Not at all, perhaps. Not at all. And I won’t be surprised if sooner or later, the Friday the 13th will not be remembered for being a horror movie; but a horrific night out there where explosions and gunshots triggered a massive pandemonium inside and outside Paris, France.

The worst part: this is not just a battle against humanity (like what Obama said) or religion. This may be also a waged conflict for political aspect and the diversion of races. Stereotyping may be a trigger for this kind of bloody and gory struggle. Blame racism. Blame your judgmental tactics.

While I personally condemn what the ISIS had done for Paris, take a look on whatever is happening outside of the affected area. There are more countries where terrorism also reigned. Either we chose to ignore them, or let the fourth estate wronged what has been our happy trail.

As much as I understand why France avenged by launching missiles on Syria earlier today (well, it’s part of our human nature to resort into violence—especially if the act generated massive damage on his/her part), a self-help book once state “no one wins in an argument.” With that being said, war will never be an answer to every armed struggle.

Once upon a time, Tony Stark said “We create our own demons.” Turns out he is right. There’s a terrorist inside our soul. 

We have to condemn the act. Fundamentalism was wrongly done. And the innocent ones are unfortunately paying dearly for it. Just because that gentleman or woman whose sitting at the corner is an Islam by faith doesn’t mean he’s (or she’s) a terrorist.

And that being said, fuck the people who will say they are doing it for their religion. That one—like any other cults was barely man-made. The Supreme Being has nothing to do your deeds.

May justice be served; may the culprits get punished and send their souls and get locked into the gates of hell (yes, I’m using an Undertaker reference here); rest in peace for the departed and let’s hope for the survived ones to get over this catastrophe.

And if you're religious, the world needs our prayers.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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