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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Playback: In D' Flow | Mayonnaise – Jopay

11/30/2015 7:42:10 PM

I have been a fan of Mayonnaise since their mainstream days—especially during the mid-2000s boom of OPM rock. They had done it by creating a song out of their fandom for a Sexbomb girl, severe breakdown affairs, and a whole lot more anthems for over the course of time.

But at the recent gig by Docdef Productions called In D’ Flow, I only thought I would be wild as fuck during the sets of Jensen and the Flips, my current top favorite Autotelic, and other rock bands.

I was wrong.

Perhaps first time was always a memorable one. And also, perhaps being an established name in the music industry helps a lot. It doesn’t have to take much convincing powers for a hard-headed fellow like me to rock out loud during their time on stage.

I even recalled myself shouting (though not a la “screamo”) during their songs Bakit Part 2, Sinungngaling, and Tayo Na Lang Dalawa.

But nothing beats they hype they made during their final song—Jopay. Pardon for severe extra movements while documenting them for almost two minutes.

In D' Flow | MayonnaiseMayonnaise rocking the crowd during their last song at Docdef Productions' 100th gig called In D' Flow! #Docdef100
Posted by Slick Master on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Well, Mayonnaise is just one of the few things that made IN D’ FLOW a memorable gig of 2015. Will tell you more of that soon!

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