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Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Just My Opinion: Kobe's Retirement

11/30/2015 7:26:43 PM

Before anything else, first and foremeost, I admit I am not a huge fan of Kobe Brayant. In fact there were times where I hated him first. But just like an ordinary human being whose always moved by a constant word called “change,” he earned my respect. There’s no question he;s one of the most prolific scorers this league ever had.

And comparing him to the like of Michael Jordan, batch mate Allen Iverson, or even fellow Laker greats Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar—as well as having other NBA top stalwarts LeBron James, Kevin Durant and even James Harden compared to him—is a one motherfucking unfair judgment.

Why did I say so? Every single player who steeped in the hardwood had their own career tenure; their prime, rise and fall—just like how the sun rises and sets.

It’s sad to see Kobe hang up his sneakers soon. We’ll forever be grateful on his evolution from being physically aggressive to a team player we always perceives on him. No matter how many times we called him “ball-hogger” or too arrogant (or whatever), he’s one heck-of-an-athlete out there who can make you a photobomber on his picturesque thunderous throwdowns, and draw an awesome awe on your face when he steps in and knock his signature fadeaway jumper.

And just like almost any other NBA player, he had his own shares of stardom and legendary moments, as well as altercations and controversies off-court. Saying Kobe’s a rapist for once is nothing compared on how Jordan’s wife divorced him with a whopping $168 million as a settlement price, or how Bron’s shoulder-bump on Heat coach Erik Spolestra. They’re human beings after all.

Say, 19 years was definitely a long run. Look at his fellow draft mates Iverson and Marcus Camby who were just as strong as Jelly Joe’s son but retired from playing the game too soon. So let’s give him a break. It’s never easy to take the sprints and doing offensive and defensive playbooks when you’re already past peak. Even the then-40-year olders Michael Jordan and Robert Parish will tell you that; and especially when injuries are nagging you the most (aside fromyour wife).

Life will definitely never be the same for the Lakers and the NBA. Well, for his team who struggled to get back on the standings, hopefully his downtime will be a spark for a rebuilding. Come to think of this: the Lakers were in the NBA playoffs for almost the entirety of the 60+ seasons. Sure, this year may be a losing streak for them.

But believe me: Tinseltown will be back out there soon just like the Showtime era in the 80s and the phenomenal run by Kobe himself and Shaquille O’Neal. For now, LeBron, Durant and Curry were running the head show.

Author: slickmaster | ©2015 september twenty-eight productions

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