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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Playback: Jensen and The Flips - Dangerous

1/22/2016 7:17:21 PM

Perhaps it’s not surprising why Jensen and The Flips is considered one of the notable names in the scene right now. You got a talented musician in Jensen Gomez himself, plus you add a people who can do baby-making music in such a very impressive mixture of soul, alternative, rhythm and blues, and even Motown pop.

Their 2015 album Honeymoon proved them all. And imagine having four singles to date; that includes their latest one called Dangerous.

Quite funny; the music video may have shown glimpses of those not-so-gory torture yet-a bit fun scenes. Like a tragedy-wannabe out of revenge a la Fifty Shades of  Grey (wait, not even close but there's still glimpses anyway) amidst sensuality.

But certainly, the song is something you like for a slowdown atmosphere, especially on Sunday nights where either romantic ballads or those rnb playlist are filling your listening senses. It’s as sultry as it gets as if the dim candlelight is accompanying

I quite wonder, though, who’s the female-sounding vocal right there? It complimented so well that it reminded me of a bit-upbeat Make U Say by Sud -- sexually arousing as fuck. (no dirty pun intended)

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