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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Scene Around: Silakbo MV Launch

1/17/2016 1:14:10 PM

There are so many gigs during Saturday, 16 January 2015. You have the rescheduled Rakrakan Festival at Circuit Makati, Terno Inferno at the famous SaGuijo, and a cover night that served as a prelude for an upcoming concert by the trio of Bullet Dumas, Ebe Dancel, and Johnoy Danao.

And also, there’s a music video launch for the upriser called MilesExperience, and it was held at Mow’s bar in Quezon City.

The show started quite on time with Maude being the first act. Then, December Avenue also came to join the party, instant fire-hazard place in the process. Well, if we're talking about the crowd and the atmosphere inside.

Things got even rowdy wild as fuck when popular names also hit the stage to perform: Tanya Markova, Autotelic, Ourselves the Elves, and Jensen and the Flips. It was actually the first time I watched Tanya Markova live, though it was kinda short-lived since they will also be performing for Rakrakan Festival later that evening. But hey, the moment was worth it after years of hearing the likes of Picture Picture, Disney and Linda Blair on the airwaves. 

Plus, they are back with an album and two music videos directed by Jiggy Gregorio.

Then, came another highlight moment of the game: the music video itself, which depicted the UST-laden band into some sorts of outburst and extremities. Perhaps, you better check their music video on video channels like MYX very soon!

I can’t prejudge the other happenings, but if we're talking about indie scene here, I can tell that Silakbo topped the evening either. It’s not just about having heavyweight shits on the night’s roster of musicians; but witnessing the ocean of people inside and outside Kowloon House’s underground bar gave me one thing in mind: that’s the support for the music. Imagine having 350-450 people in attendance. Guido (their keyboardist) even told me all the 400 printed tickets they have during the gathering was totally sold out. Tim (their drummer) noted it exceeded the bar guarantees way more than expected (I suspected that’s somewhere between 300-400%).

While the air conditioning unit was a downisde (taking photos on a low light can be another, but that’s what makes Mow’s bar an intimate place on live music), it can never outnumbered a lot of good stuff that happened during the night.

With that being said, congratulations to MilesExperience for a very successful event. Hope the success will paved an even longer way for you guys in the independent music scene.

Also, shoutouts to the creative director of 9Roots and the man behind Love Supreme and Sikalbo music videos Mr. Jiggy Gregorio. Nice meeting you during the evening.

(Photos from Mr. Boco Jones)

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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