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Wednesday, January 06, 2016

The #iBlog11 Experience (Part 2)

1/2/2016 11:01:02 AM

Saturday, 5th of December. I just had a brief nap from attending an EP launch. And prior to that, I had a new edition of my identity EAT SLEEP RANT REPEAT T-shirt, and moreover, attended the first day of the 11th Philippine Blogging Summit held at the Penthouse Bocobo Hall, UP College of Law in Quezon City.

Still, I managed to make it despite being late and the first talk was already underway with Jane T. Uymatiao tackling the power of anyone in using blog and social media. Mark Pere Madrona followed suit when he talked about the medium as the source of information as well as for the people on knowing what’s legit compared to what is not.

Also, during the morning, Christian Melanie Lee sparked a discussion on getting invites from the PR firms and avoiding the bad habit called “gatecrashing.”

Another part of the cautious topics was James Arom Mangun’s talk about Trolls and Cyber-Harassment; and Arpee Lazaro spoke about the dos and don'ts for an emergening venture called Food Blogging.

Before iBlog11 reached the halfway point of Day 2, insights about Blogging for Advocacy and Purposee became a worthy discussion to hear as Joemar Belleza tackled about using the venue for HIV Awareness; on how to netutralized the misconceptions brought by the sterotype and discrimination among the HIV victims and on how can we bloggers help spread awareness and help among them.

Event host Flowell Galindez introduced another “first” in iBlog11; and it’s called Faith-based Blogging with Lawrence Andrew Fernandez as its speaker; while Apple Allison Perez talked about being an ambassador for promoting Philippine Tourism through all virtual possible means without being tagged as a paid hack. Simply because we have a lot of good things here (sorry, Up Dharma Down!)

After lunch, Rey Baguio, Marco Polo Demo, and Glen Dimaandal had their respective sessions about how to improve your blog content; with DEMO’s Bloggers Need to L.I.E. Struck more on my mind (Level Up, Innovate and Evolve).

Joining them later on were the speakers Carlo Angelo Gonzales, Valerie Joy Deveza, and Roel Jan Manarang, as they speak on how to do a self-marketing and building an audience for your blog and influencing them in the process with the help of social media.

Also, the usage of tools were part of the discussion as Venchito Tampon, Jr., told us his 15 recommended blogging tools one must take for increasing traffic and link purposes; while Marites Manahan spoke about what people need to know about Twitter.

Donald Lim had a very interesting talk about the modern trends in advertising and mobile blogging; while Louie Sison gave seven tips on how to turn you blog as a hobby into a money-maker. And lastly, Sydney Dondon shared lessons in doing Affiliate Marketing and Blog Monetization.

Before the summit ends, iBlog11 organizers raffled several prizes, including T-shirts and a printer courtesy of Lazada. Turns out I was a sudden runaway winner for the latter. Hey, I didn’t saw it coming. Thanks a lot, iBlog and Lazada!

At the end of the day iBlog11 was still an enriching thing for the Philippine blogging industry considering everyone can be a blogger at their own right. And things like this should pave the way for a lot of us to take some time for learning and other activities.

Frankly enough, I had a lot of pages filled with anything and everything that involves iBlog11. It may come a bit later; but the saying goes, better late than never. 

And with the shorter time span come iBlog12, I couldn’t be more exciting. Will summer of 2016 come faster, please?

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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