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Sunday, March 13, 2016

Clash of the Bigwigs (and Their Egos)

3/12/2016 1:29:56 PM

I know; we have seen superheroes having a rival with their fellow superheroes. Of course, there’s always room for the so-called clashing of the egos. Besides, even if they look very supernatural at one side, they are human too. They have weaknesses just like every single one of us.

And since a few years ago, we are already being teased to see Superman vs. Batman at the wide screen. That would definitely sell a lot, cause even if it’s visual, the reality is only few people have interest on comics.

Now talk about a potential blockbuster hit worldwide! We could only hope it delivers really well. I mean, the motion picture will make the story sensible the same way as it was shown on the other products.

Then this... came.

Perhaps, we have seen it coming. Remember their verbal tussle at the first Avengers movie (2012) where Capt. America was always trading barbs with Iron Man? With one of their differences failed to notice the attack of their enemy -- and them saving Loki in the process (obviously)?

Now, looks like they’re on. It’s a civil war unfolding right before their eyes.

And... Hey, is that Spider Man? Like seriously, he appeared there for two seconds? Does it looks like the Spider Man series will jump from Columbia Pictures to Disney? Considering both studios manning the Marvel movie series at will. And at present, the so-called “Phase 2” where more characters will be glaring the movie spotlight for the succeeding years, looks like it’s gonna be a helluva-ride not-to-miss (and shouldn’t be at all).

Some comic geeks should correct me on this; but someone even actually told me Spider Man made his presence out there -- even for two long/short seconds -- that he might actually kill Thanos, the ultimate antagonist of the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Hmmm... Now that sounds more interesting. Maybe I should start read comics again. 

Yes, even sparingly. 

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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