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Saturday, March 12, 2016

PlayBack: The Strangeness - Easy Boys and Easy Girls

2/29/2016 7:54:29 PM

I first heard them as part of that indie music program established and sponsored by a popular whiskey brand. They were listed track number 4 at the CD of Jack Daniel’s On Stage released on 2015.

The Strangeness is something I have never seen live; but one thing that impressed me most about them is they can make old school music sounded like new. The first thing I heard about them was a cover of my favorite Eagles song on YouTube.

But covers aside, Paolo Arcega and his crew was splendid in creating an Jose Mari Chan-inspired video for Easy boys and Easy Girls. Though this 3.5-minute length track had shades of that old Christmas In Our Hearts-quality image, The Strangeness shied away from being the obvious copycat. Like, their song is something you’d like to hear on when you drove out of the metro, be it on a breezy morning or a hot afternoon (well, as long as the rays are complimenting the auditory part well).

As much as the pop scene (specifically, the mainstream) winds back to its retrospect, the alt-rock scene can do so in their own way, to say the least. As tito music as it sounds, this is sometimes, what we need; we might have been missing them from those iconic groups we once heralded before.

Kinda strange, but right.

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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