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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

PlayBack: Zaito - Ganti Ng Patay (album)

3/13/2016 4:20:18 PM

More than being a genre, hiphop is getting notices for being one of the standouts for the year 2015. Well, is there any other reason aside from the emergence of the likes of Assembly Generals, Curtismith, and Ninno?

Yes, there are lot of it, to be exact; and one of them is Zaito. One of the biggest names from the Southern Metro Manila, Zaito is more than just a freestyle rapper and punchline maker on the rap battle leagues. His colleagues guarantees you that, with the album called Ganti Ng Patay. Majority of his tracks tells various poetic tales from the depressing and oppressing world known as The Philippines; from drug-abusers to the satirical demons. All that while retaining his signature slapsticks -- something that gave him tons of recognition from the viewers of FlipTop.

Well, you could hear more of them in the noble-light Buhay.

It’s like a more personified The Zaito show, with puns set aside by the melancholy, gothic, and even thundering rhythm and beats.

Of all the songs, I find a lot of his songs interesting to hear. Payong Kaibigan is like a serious version of Salbakuta’s y Story, with all of them depicting the over-usage of drugs; Satanas sa Lupa, Traydor and Buhay sa Pinas has been that kind of anger and angst which compliments the shares if those criminal and political shenanigans.

On the other hand, Makatang Ligaw ang Diwa is something that can be taken lightly; as well as Datiklab, and Paglalakbay as they tackled Zaito in a more personal -- and a bit of uplifting side. Tagumpay and kayo ang Tunay might have tell a similar theme, though it showed how the current sound works, with those glimpses of Motowns and scratches.

No wonder why 2015 was the year of the Philippine hip-hop, even if you haven’t heard much of them in the mainstream. And we’re not talking about the ones you used to hear in jeepneys, eh?

Verdict: 7.7

Author: slickmaster | (c) 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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