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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Rewind: Denmark – Gitnang Daliri

04/13/16 01:18:52 PM

At one point in my life, I was hooked up with this rapper known as Denmark. Well, he's more than just spitting novelty fascination-turned-forbidden affection. Yes, there's more on Denmark's songs that hearing a long story of Luningning and her offspring.

And frankly, rap may have been stigmatized as violent, with songs mostly depicting bragging skills and dissing. But like any other genre, it was also made for romance and revelry. Take Gitnang Daliri for example.

Stating the obvious, this middle finger wasn't just the favorite finger everyone displays when they are disdained with everything. This aren't just the same fat stick-like figure who has sexual connotation as the F-word. This is not about Rodrigo Duterte just flaunt on media interviews half-a-decade ago. This Gitnang Daliri right there exposed everything that's worth to be reacted. Talk about portesting a la open letter to the worlds of corporate greed, religious hypocrisy, graft and corruption, and everything in between.

For some strange reasons, I find this song explicitly good. I know, it sounded violent as fuck. Like easily spark a no-holds barred street fight againt the elitism. Much to my dismay on taxes, issues on the upcoming elections, and even mainstream programming.

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