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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

The Pre-take: 2016 NBA Finals

06/06/2016 11:45:08 PM
I know it's been quite late to do this. Two games have passed by, and we have seen the utmost and the unquestionable domination of the defensing champions. Perhaps, a 3-1 deficit at the Western Conference Finals served them as a wake-up call; keeping their hopes of making history (on a good note) alive and salvaged themselves from marking a bad one. (After all, who would like to see a 73-9 winning team go to waste in the battle for the representation of the current's most dominating conference at the NBA?) 

Anyway, while the Warriors had their share of humiliation, so do the Cavs. That was after the Toronto Raptors leveled themselves back at the Eastern Conference Finals. 

But fast-forward to the present, here we are – to the 2016 Championship Round of the National Basketball Association. And it's been a rematch once again for a consecutive era. Just when we thought that 2013 and 2014 features the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs in the battle for supremacy; the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers had done it, too! 

And while the Warriors deprived the title-hungry city Cleveland another major sports title, the former was on the verge of taking them again in the same foe with a bit different legend folklore currently in its writing stage. 

On the other end, the Cavaliers were in their third Finals appearance in franchise history; with only two victories in their all-time tale of eight games – with two of their defeats staged at their home turf, the Quicken Loans Arena. 

Ain't that tragic? Ain't that an insult to injury, LeBron and company? 

With a more-healthy roster and savvy veterans courtesy of Maurice Williams, James Jones, and Richard Jefferson – plus Channing Frye in exchange of their most-beloved forwards Andersen Varejao, the Cavaliers looking to bank on experiences come crunch (or garbage, whichever the result) time. 

But I guess, chemistry will still became a factor on this one; while Matthew Dellavedova and Kyrie Irving once had figured themselves in complications at the locker room, we could only hope things will not roll that way, (though it seemed Jefferson has been dealing with hostility with Iman Shumpert some time in Game 2). They need to get their shit together if they want to win these important games and hopefully the most coveted trophy in the history of professional basketball. 

The Warriors, on the other hand, doesn't really need to make adjustments. In fact, the splash brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson looked like they weren't even taking 100% effect yet. It takes a massive act of teamwork to executive things as excellent as they could. That is the reason why they were winning a lot of games. They could still go on offense with a small ball and rely on Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut on defense. Even Luke Walton can out-coach Tyron Lue; and that is something that has been hounding the latter come the time he accepted to take David Blatt's previous post. 

However, there were share of pressures on winning this; especially for the Warriors. Yes, I'd still say it's still on them, because 73-9 means nothing if you don't take home the championship. That's just it. 

Cleveland, though can't afford to lost for the third time, seems still a potential failure if LeBron will carry the more load than JR Smith, Irving, and Kevin Love. Where's the help? James isn't a one-man team! 

Warriors by five. Cavs by seven. Either that or the other... err, that.

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