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Monday, June 27, 2016

The Rose of Derrick... to New York

06/26/2016 03:25:30 AM

Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

Biggest news of the summer in the NBA, just right after a stunning and historic victory that solidified the legacy of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Star point guard Derrick Rose moved out of the Windy City. Yes, from Chicago Bulls where he became the pilot for almost a decade, he moved to the New York Knicks; first of the bold move in making a revamp in the latter's lineup with Phil Jackson taking over the team.

Well, I'll say if this move will work, then we might see another coming of an '08 Boston Celtics. For over the past few years, we have witnessed teams making huge, huge renovations in their personnel; luring big stars in hoping to turn their mediocrity status into contenders. We have seen that in the Celtics and Heat and it worked for them; while other teams like Cavs and even the '04 Lakers took a similar path but to no avail.

I think they are building a new trio alongside Carmelo Anthony; and heck, even trying to lure a potential big-named free agent Kevin Durant. The star forward will be expected to be one once his contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder expires this summer.

But as far as anyone's concerned, Rose's decision will be the biggest since LeBron's shift to South Florida in '10 and Dwight Howard's cross-coast trip to Lakers in '11.

However, his health issues will be the biggest factor if this experiment will work this time around. To think his aggressiveness makes him pay dearly the hard way.

Well, we could only for the best.

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