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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Back to the Octagon!

06/23/2016 02:24:32 PM
Perhaps we have seen this before. Like more 16 months in the making. Do you remember when this guy was on the verge of having his contract expired that his championship reign was already been booked with a period on it?

Yes, just a few weeks ago, this became the breaking news: Brock Lesnar is back at the octagon, and it will be for one night only; at the biggest stage of the mixed martial arts (MMA) world, UFC 200 live at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas!

And just when we thought he will be up for revenge against, we're certainly wrong as he will be up against fellow heavyweight Mark Hunt.

As the event approaches by, will this be a proof he could do better at his age at the octagon? He spent ost of his UFC career not just battling heavyweights, but an injury known as diverticulitis. Again, the question: is he better this time around?

To think he was virtually a force to reckon with at the WWE since 2012, losing only five times.

This aren't just a test if Brock Lesnar can beat Hunt. But rather, getting it on for one last time, and at the same time, drawing money in the process. It can't be denied despite Lesnar not the biggest star at the UFC.

But professional wrestling draws a lot of money in both sports and entertainment worlds. Their presence at several events in football, baseball, and even basketball makes the WWE even a recognizable figure. And as a wrestler, Lesnar is something what Paul Heyman has been describing about – an incredible athlete. That being said, not just the WWE media but the entire sports beat reporters as well, will have a bit of glimpse at this 6'3” 286-pound beast.

And it can't be denied that UFC, after several years in the business, is already considered a juggernaut in the big leagues, joining NBA, NFL, WWE, Euroleague, and even the US NCAA. They are on the verge of reaching their 200th special night with tons of heavyweight-named shits in their card.

Who likes not to watch it at all?

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