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Sunday, July 10, 2016

PlayBack: Fools and Foes - Underneath The Roots

06/26/2016 01:40:57 PM

Photo credit: A Spur Of The Moment
Perhaps, it was a long wait until the indie band Fools and Foes finally unfolded a chapter in their respective musical lives when they released their five-track EP called Underneath the Roots last year at SaGuijo.

The EP featured equally-deep leveled of angst and poetic lyrics (with a bit of pop somewhere along the way) done under the experimentation of what has been a sophisticated kind of indie folk and mellow rock. That might sound a bit of artsy right there but somewhat was worth the hear for the ear with paces shifting as symmetrical to the emotional drive of vocals (say, a female doing it husky, why not?). Plus the drubbing of Gabba Santiago in drums compliments Isabella's bass, and romantic guitar-riffing.

The mastering of some tracks (Blindfolded and Undesired) showed a bit of difference from their respective previous versions: deeply in surround but retained its significance. And the “Hey!” part now sounded whole than its former, which is better in one way or another.

And they ain't the artsy mellow rock at all. Their collaboration is Happy Monday People is somewhat a-okay. Thus, ending the playback of this record on a high note.

Verdict: 8

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