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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

PlayBack: Runway Hits – Alon

07/04/2016 02:35:25 PM

Perhaps this is the one of the very first times I have encountered this young band called Runway Hits. Well, frankly, I have seen them in gigs before but I have yet to be divulged with whatever they are offering.

Until I saw this lyric video in their YouTube channel containing their single, released for the first time since having Fireworks in January (but again, pardon my ignorance for being unaware yet).

It's kinda ironic we are approaching the rainy season when the band released this single with a title that is more related in the seaside life. Talk about timing a la tidal wave right there.

RH was right when they described Alon as a track exhibiting relationship without labels; and by saying “no labels” is simply we mean no commitment at all. It's simply complicated as fuck. Hey, even if they go with their original title water, this song might intend the same thing.

The lyrics simply went with the flow (and emotion) of the sound alone; fitting enough for a “feels” track. That might sound typical at a very bit of point, but there's something romantic beneath the voice of Michelle and the blend of it, primarily with the keys of Patricia that stands as well, literally) a standout. It doesn't have to be as perfectly rhyming and poetic to distinguish what's inside.

Seems another addition to my rainy-dy playlist here!

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