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Monday, August 08, 2016

PlayBack: Autotelic – Gising (Music Video)

08/08/2016 10:57:03 AM

Pop rock band Autotelic looked like they hit the new starting chapter in their lives. Just two years ago, they had Kai Honasan as part of their lineup. The band also got recognition for being part of the top winners at the 2015 Jack Daniel's Philippines Indie Music Awards. And while on the process of making new recordings, Nemesis Music Group and MCA Music took this six-piece crew of musicians under their wing. Thus, making Autotelic part of NMG's roster of musicians and guaranteeing them more exposure in the music scene.

That speaks for a reason why I think this band as the next big thing in the music industry. 

And they are taking that one huge step when they published their first single Gising and released its music video half-a-week ago.

The music video has two versions, with the second now earning broadcast numbers on YouTube and Myx. It tells the story of the song itself, depicting a dreamy boy-and-girl relationship. Some would even regard it as “too-good-to-be-true.” At the same time, it features the band members and some of their friends from the music industry as if performing in a party. 

While Gising was serving like their premier, the romance angle stood out the most; still a well-told one despite having a limited time (the single version was 4:30 long). It was a side where almost everyone can relate, especially when it comes to 'relationship goals.' It's tough incorporating the elements of the presented story and band performance and connecting them. It's like making a song for both artistic and commercial purposes; one has to give in – or in much harsher term, compromise.

However, if you happened to see the original cut last Thursday night, Gising had a full-than-complete gist. So that speaks why there's a meaning behind those kissing scene, as well as having these two main characters into the story as a whole. And on one end, that could be the reason why the ending sounded abruptly bitin.

Some of the band scenes appeared with a bit awkwardness to me, as well. Both Josh and Kai looked natural in performing when the camera angle was far from their stands. 

And sometimes, while the synth sounded a bit absent in live performance, I'll say EJ's line was a standout, as well as Pabs' bass lines. The guitar combo of Josh and Neil were the pioneers, as well. Gep's drubbing on the drum and Kai on the keyboard had their respective time in the mix and it blended so well. 

Plus I have to agree Ling's Wins and Sins on this: the bass were louder than the usual. Maybe, the mix has something to do with it.

Since I'm a fan of those phantom-like frames, I'm going a bit bias on this. These slow-mo sequences was done very, very well. It gave the much-needed emphasis of the pace and story of the song, as well as portrayal of all characters involved. However, it could be timed better when the angle of the kissing scene was properly positioned and changed settings as the chorus lines were sung.

But nevertheless, say, this music video has served its role very well, eh? Talk about being bittersweet; telling a visual tale of a mellow lyrical form lying beneath a very upbeat sound. Still a great start for Autotelic to introduce themselves the mainstream way. I could only hope Gising will be part of the chart-topping hits in a few months them. 

Why? Because why not? They are the best thing in present Philippine pop music. With Gabby Alipe at the managing helm, it's not that hard to see why.

Gising music video is produced by Gabby Alipe and directed by Paolo Ruiz; with executive producers MCA Music, Inc., project managers Lordtrak Ocampo and Carleen Panganiban, cinematographer John Marvi De Guzman, cameramen Emon Magararu and Mark Edward Magararu, editor Ayel Caneda, and colorist Leoby Marquez of EO+.

Autotelic is Josh Villena (vocals/guitar), Neil Tin (guitars), Timothy Vargas (bass), Kai Honasan (vocals/keyboards), Gep Macadaeg (drums), and EJ Edralin (keyboards/synth).

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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