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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Scene Around: 1983

07/20/2016 11:53:12 PM

The head curator of IndieManila celebrated her 33rd birthday on a party of her own, and it's called 1983, in honor of her birth year (so you don't have to do the math, right?). 

Soloist musician/photographer John Marcelo kicked off the night, and I was barely few minutes late to catch up his set (thanks to the never-ending traffic connecting the cities on Mandaluyong and Makati) Still this guy could deliver goods the way we and he both wanted. Makes me wanna regret “why I only had listened to him now?”

Run Dorothy, Twin Lobster, Rusty Machines, Reese Lansangan, Conscious and The Goodness came after.

And barely after half-a-year, it's abut time I witness Assembly Generals on the stage again; with a bunch of cameo jams from Carlo Maraigan and Roxy Modesto. Perhaps that was worth the long wait considering AG is now on the verge of writing songs for their upcoming album. So let's say I guess it's worth the wait; considering they could still deliver goodies.

That being said, July 2016 had gone to a very rocky-good start despite that horrendous traffic and a very much painful rainfall condition.

John Marcelo 
Conscious and the Goodness 
Assembly Generals 

Rusty Machines
Run Dorothy
Reese Lansangan

Twin Lobster
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