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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Talking Smack, Literally!

08/31/2016 07:47:16 PM

When this video aired last week, it looked like the line has diminshed. The world of reality and kayfabe were seemingly reunited after a blurred boundary; just as similar to what happened to Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton at SummerSlam.

Seriously, like for a second we thought it was the scene from the movies of those Top 20-ish programs where suddenly the temperamental heat between party goes up; the beef goes beyond those real talk rap references. And for all we know that most part of the professional wrestling world has done through fakery storytelling, this has set the confusing tone closer. As if the pay-per-view has made us thinking twists and turns, there goes Tuesday night's live offering besting their Sunday and Monday counterparts.

And don't get me wrong; the WWE has been leveling up since they showcase their chapter called “new era,” but certainly does SmackDown Live, a show that appeared just a more action slash RAW-recap program. 

That being said, it seems Talking Smack literally lived up to its name, especially if the most-respected critics like Dave Meltzer will be asked. The Wrestling Observer Newsletter guy thinks the segment was a worked shoot. Stating the facts as the main chunks of this storyline has made everyone go crazy, especially when all of a sudden, Daniel Bryan walked away from the show's live airing. 

Seems the promo has hit DB, eh? Miz has been so freaking effective as talker in general. Of course, I hate him for being heel, but they way he presents himself in both talk and walk fashions certainly made him one of the top stars of the WWE amidst more popularity numbers from the likes of John Cena.

What could be possible next for this long-term wrestling tale? Are we gonna see a Daniel Bryan comeback despite his heart-breaking announcement of retirement from in-ring competition? That could be a holy shit moment, if my fantasy booking permits; like there goes the underdog rising about his mentor (shades of NXT in the 2010s, remember)

But slapping myself back to reality, the 34-year old GM isn't cleared of his injuries and was really saddened by the fact that Mizanin was actually right on his rant.

The writers must've done a great job in pulling them off. Unless it was really unstated.

Moving to this week, the stirring pot continues, with Daniel Bryan apologizing for such unprofessional behavior as a GM for SmackDown live; and putting an ironical coincidence to Shane MacMahon. And it seems the second Daniel Bryan-Miz confrontation never took place as it seems.

Those things are better left to talk for another day.


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  1. Emotions ran high from that last episode of Talking Smack, DB forgot himself that time. I guess it was appropriate for him to apologize for his behavior for walking out on The Miz, wishful thinking that they might have that match some time in the near future? *fingers crossed*


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