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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE SummerSlam 2016 (Part 4)

08/29/2016 05:04:17 PM

It's funny that the 6-tag team match for the women's division of SmackDown took place after the WWE World Championship match. It served like another bathroom break for those observers. While on the other hand, that's actually shows that the women were given a chance. Hence, placing them at the top of the SmackDown cards for SummerSlam made it appear like another result of those #GiveDivasAChance tweets. (Well, sorry, make it #GiveSmackDownWomenAChance.)

Yes, they're actually at the top of the middle card spot of SummerSlam; and that also gave way for a looming comeback of Nikki Bella. The former Divas Champion was actually injured until the WWE doctors cleared her last month.

And I think her appearance came just in time as Eva Marie got suspended for violating the WWE's wellness policy.

The problem, though, here is the confusion of roles. Well, Nikki should've been on a straight face role upon returning to the scene; but she was aligned with the heels of SD Live women's division. However, the experiment came shortly after the new version of rack attack gave her trio a win – and at least, save herself from her potential nagging neck injuries.

And it ran shortly since the match looked boring at will. The comebacking Nikki was't even considered the hot tag for the heels stable. We wish for a second it was the newcomers versus the veterans, instead; then go on for their respective role split come SD Live.

Not pretty at all.

Verdict: 5.5

The unveiling of the WWE Universal Championship belt added insult to the nagging injury of SummerSlam 2016 reception. Imagine having the just, same old shit design of the WWE World Championship – just painted with red. (Heck, it's even more “all red everything” than Eva Marie!)

And as usual, even if we have seen this a lot of times in those NXT TakeOver episodes, Finn Balor was best entrance of the night. Talk about the first step to domination. Good thing that this one has topped the same fashion of RAW a week prior.

And don't take everything away from the first Universal Champion. Even if he have to relinquish the title 24 hours later, he gave everyone that classic match despite having an injured shoulder. Totally, a valiant effort that led him to a win. It was the Demon King's ascension to the throne; proving he's a better man than “The Man” called Seth Rollins.

And how dare JoJo screw her ring announcer duties during this match? I mean, I retract my previous reaction about the stipulations of this championship battle; but heck, it was suppsoed to be “The Demon King, Finn balor,” right? Not “Finn Balor, the Demon King!”?

Good grief.

Verdict: 8.6

It's funny the WWE has put the United States Championship contest on top of the RAW cards for SummerSlam; an understatement of putting Roman Reigns at the top of the program at the expense of the worthy-pushed Rusev.

And it was more than a joke when the battle did not even take place. It was just a piece of all-out brawl without the ring of the bell.

While Reigns was on his usual badass self (heck, these two were even better than the World Championship match), it was disappointing for the setup. For a second, we thought Reigns will be really given a shot for the US title. But it was a sign of the obvious agenda: Make Reigns look strong again (for the 11248216819th time).

That, at least, could've give him some raves regarding his WWE career so far. Screw you, writers!

Verdict: 6.5

The main event promo video was good. The entrances were almost superb (kinda disappointing to see Brock Lesnar without those pyros from the ring post). Kinda fair on the overall look of the match, but the ending seemed blurry and confused (even if both wrestlers and Vince McMahon himself clarified it was all work). Not exactly the mega-fight everyone was expecting for.

The ending might have been disappointing from the get-go; but this tells a potential picture in the long run: sibling rivalry. The competition just heats up, especially at summer time!

And I am retracting my earlier remark about Lesnar vs. Orton as the worst match of 2016, too.

Verdict: 7.5

Overall, SummerSlam was just fair. Three classic matches, but the rest was just fair-to-suckers. And I am applauding the production design's efforts for making SummerSlam shying away from those generic PPV set-ups the WWE has done for the past two years. Imagine building a four-hour show that looked nothing but a mix of both RAW and SmackDown shows encompassed in a single night.

And some segments and items just sucked 2016 times.

The Verdict: 7

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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