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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE SummerSlam 2016 (Part 3)

08/29/2016 04:06:09 PM

I think the SummerSlam main event came too early when John Cena wrestled AJ Styles. Just too bad if you're a fan of the former, the SS losing skid continues for the Cenation leader. And I think he had done a great job of raising Styles' stock much further. 

Their match was no doubt, the best of the evening; and also, one of the tops for 2016, with counters and counters, submissions, and even kicking out of their respective signature finishers. Looks like this was the best Cena offered to us since the Night of Champions 2014.

And with Cena leaving the ring without his arm band was a heck of a symbolism. It may be too deep match story-telling wise, but in a long run it might signify the career of Ceba; on how long he has been running the E; considering his exposure with mainstream television. 

This might sound a comeback will be up for sure; but it will be sooner than the next upcoming episodes of SmackDown.

Verdict: 9.3

I don't know if it;'s just me, but I find Jon Stewart's role at SumemrSlam quite weird and appalling. Maybe because he was doing great on turning his back on Cena last year. But 2016 is so different to 2015 in so many ways. First, she appeared like a backstabber to Stephanie McMahon and her nepotistic ways as the executive in the WWE. And then, the Today Show host appeared very very awkward when he impersonated Big E in introducing The New Day.

Maybe because the muscle guy was then-injured and he already waived a verbal disclaimer beforehand. But he (well, his recent act) still suck than Roman Reigns' inorganic push. Believe me, folks.

As for the match, it's a sad day we haven't seen a title switch; and most importantly, the storytelling fell off. I thought we will be seeing The Club regaining the tag team golds and let the unicorns – plus Jon Stewart – suffer ring postitis. Quite a proof that it;s not a New Day match if it's incomplete. I mean, it's not even a WWE Tag Team Championship match without Big E on it,

And hey, a Big E comeback would've done better if either New Day win or lose the championship match the way it should be (and certainly, not by disqualification).

Verdict: 6.5

Another main event championship match got way too early than the usual as Dean Ambrose went successful in defending the WWE World Championship against Dolph Ziggler.

And the match seemingly unconvincing with tons of sloppy acts instead of spot fest (since it's a major championship match we are looking for). Seriously. It was a disappointment, that may be one of the reasons why the contest was moved to the upper mid-cart part of SummerSlam. For a second, we thought they were about to steal the show. 

But no, with those sloppy acts and not selling bumps, it's not that hard to say it was a boring one.

Verdict: 6

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