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Saturday, September 10, 2016

PlayBack: Cheats - Drunk

09/06/2016 01:36:20 PM

Indie pop rock Cheats released their new music video, and it delivered very well.

Drunk, one of their two new songs from their debut (reloaded) album, has been one of the after-party hits with those arrangements that sounded a bit different from their earlier sounds; adding another layer in their mixture. Perhaps a mellow or slow track that has the better execution.

And their music video has been so dope. Talk about different types of drunken people embodied in a private car service ride during the wee hours – the after-party, as most people will say.

Shit, do I really need to say more with this music video? It was brilliant from storytelling to technicalities. They all stick t one camera angle. And the difference in zooming levels makes them a standout from the typical. 

And I frankly love the role of Jason Caballa here. Breakout role. Hahaha!

August has been a month full of music video launch gigs, and with Cheats slated at the near-end part makes me wanna believe in the saying “save the best for last.”

Like really, this should also join the ranks of the best music videos made for 2016. No way they won't despite having the likes of Gising, Just Like The Movies, Habol, Ang Darling Kong Zombie, Paano Ka Magiging Akin, and Home.

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