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Friday, September 09, 2016

Flick Review: Blue Bustamante

09/04/2016 12:25:07 AM

It's funny that during my downtime as a person, I found a new haven in Cinema '76. So for at least three weeks, I ended up watching some of the best independently-produced pictures in the last few years.

Here is the first of the awesome ride I have: Blue Bustamante. 

I quite heard this movie a few years ago simply because I am a huge fan of Jun Sabayton, one of the supporting actors in the film.

And this one never disappointed me as the movie has a light approach on two of the heaviest problem a Filipino citizen could ever experience: being an Overseas Filipino Worker, and losing your job right there in a later time.

Tough times, right? Especially if you are a family-man, a bread-winner for your wife and son. Something that a lot of working individuals could relate, especially in our context where sometimes, we go to jobs which weren't have much connection to what skills and learning we have acquired.

It's fun to observe how Miko Livelo take things in a fun way with bits of nostalgia – our fascination to those vintage Anime robots like Voltes V – and natural hilarity (something that Sabayton possessed mostly), with some tales of media production work on the side. So at least, people know that in one way or another, it's not very easy to entertain people in general.

And it's really not easy to do as Joem Bascon, playing the main character George, has dealt with various difficulties to become not just a stunt hero in his son's eyes, but also the real hero for his entire family, the country, and (heck) even on the planet.

It might seemed just another OFW-ish flick with comedic twists to shadow the harsh realities. But franky, Blue Bustamante does not lack depth, especially if you think about the subplots interjecting to the main one.

This is very Miko Livelo, as far as any other movie watcher is concerned. Kinda like the idea, and more of the outcome.

Verdict: 8.5

Author: slickmaster | © 2016 september twenty-eight productions

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