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Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Pre-take: WWE Clash Of Champions

09/23/2016 05:42:02 PM

This is the time where the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has put every belt on the line. And with the outcome of the brand extension, the Night of Champions was now renamed and became an exclusive pay-per-view property of the WWE's flagship program Monday Night RAW.

Photo credits: Inner Wrestling Nerd
Dubbed as Clash of Champions, every RAW Championship will put at stake. Plus, more of the action from various storylines will also add spice for the evening come Sunday at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

Kicking things off, it seems Nia Jax time of squashing local competitors just came to an end when Alicia Fox was inserted into the picture. This lady was one of the strongest wrestlers at the women's division. This is perhaps first of the toughest tests for the newcomer.

However, no question on this: Nia Jax will go home victorious.

TJ Perkins will square off against Brian Kendrick for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. While the veteran earned raves for staging a huge comeback (and scored a win for contention) at RAW, I think it definitely carried momentum coming into Sunday. 

Perkins have yet to lose a singles match since entering the Cruiserweight Championship. I kind of wonder if they will incorporate storylines already coming into this one. Because if they do, expect one of the to turn heel. (and I believe Maskara Manik may just do that)

However, I still thinks Perkins will still be the champ at the end of this bout.

And for the best-of-seven series, I think Cesaro will be the most likely winner, unless the writers decided to stage the winning part to Sheamus; thus, stunning what has been a total-comeback-from-nowhere story, something that is more realistic in such sporting tournaments (unless you watched that championship series in the PBA).

Chris Jericho might just raised the stock of Sami Zayn. This guy has been doing great but got a bit of stale after his feud with Kevin Owens. Plus the fact that he was teamed with Neville to face The Dudley Boyz at SummerSlam kickoff show? Ouch. Whatever happened to the paperboy underdog from the underworld?

While Y2J is one heck of a despicable heel in RAW right now, I think Sami Zayn will be like the champion at the end of this match.

Rusev has been the two-time United States Champion for a reason alone: he was booked to be the super-athlete like the way he was used to before. And perhaps, even more superior than his past self, as he married Lana (for real). But his rivalry with Roman Reigns got derailed when their SummerSlam match resulted into a no contest. Say, backstage plans might have changed our expectations as audience. Too much for continuing the spoiler.

Now, at Clash of Champions, there shouldn't be a way to have Reigns lose the match; especially if Vince has been grooming the big dog to be the top face for so long. If there's one guy out there who could screw everything else in this story, it will not be Kevin Owens or Seth Rollins.

You're right if you guessed Triple H as my potential spoiling subject. Chris Jericho could be another fallout guy.

The RAW Tag Team Championship is on the line, and I think it's about time to send the New Day packing. They had done a lot for the past, especially the fact that they are the longest reigning champions in the division of almost 400 days (and counting).

Since it's the new era, it's about time The Club start dominating the E since Finn Balor and AJ Styles had won titles at their own right. (We still wish Balor wasn't injured though.) 

I think it would be a proverbial upset if Bayley would win the WWE Women's Championship. And why not? Sasha Banks is still reeling from her lower back problems, and Charlotte had been overdone. I mean, she has done a lot for the title either. Plus it might be an awesome story to tell if we see a rivalry between Charlotte and Dana Brooke grow soon. 

Yes, imagine Dana costing everything for this woman, and eventually wreak havoc later on at their division. Especially if Nia Jax was just waiting at the wings.

And there's no way Seth Rollins could retain the title. Kevin Owens was just at his early days as the WWE Universal Championship and was suddenly losing momentum at the latest RAW episode. There's always theory in the recent months that whenever a champ loses momentum in their regular shows, PPV gigs will showing the total revert of them all.

Who knows? Hunter might suit up to cost Rollins either, and Stephanie McMahon will be putting the conspiracy theory tale against him. That should make things interesting at the coming RAW episodes. 

Well, we hope.

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