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Saturday, September 24, 2016

PlayBack: Sud - How We Play

09/23/2016 01:05:09 PM

Looks like this band has their sounds of the past and present. Some of us know they used to be a heck of alternative rock when they released their Sleep Sex EP in 2013, right? And it might took them three years before they made their first full-length album called Skin, a collaboration with the spoken word poetry artists from Words Anonymous, but certainly the mix of evolution has taken place already.

And it's first result is their latest release called How We Play.

The intro might have give everyone an impression as a similar resemblance of that (intro) from Queso's Mottaka. But SUD appeared like they're shying away from that their sexy melodrama side through this upbeat track embodied in a music video that has the looks of a concept inspired by those noir and mafia stories and comic art.

And certainly they would not give a fuck about image, as Bel Certeza of Indie Manila expressed. This is how they play, literally and figuratively.

How We Play might even gave bits of relevance to the vicious cycle we have right now. Talk about those imagery or any other qualified representation under figures of speech.

Despite the flaws on one particular angle where the production crew was seen at the rightmost part of the frame (something that Wins and Sins have pointed out), as I see it, it can be considered a fair segue to their opening billboard portion. Still not bad at all.

This music video will be part of the best ones ever made for 2016. No question, from the conceptual plot to technicalities.

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