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Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Rundown Slam: WWE Cruiserweight Classic Finals

09/19/2016 12:20:43 AM

You guys are lucky if you managed to check this program from the start alone. I only just managed to catch up with the latter part of this tournament that was built by Triple H and William Regal.

Known as the Cruiserweight Classic (CWC), the WWE has taken professional wrestling to a different level once again as they seek 32 competitors from around the world; with putting up qualifying matches around different independent promotions as one of its approaches.

And at the end, it was the American-born TJ Perkins whom emerged victorious. It might be surprising though if he billed himself as representing from the Philippines; but aside from peer wrestlers also hailing from the US, Perkins has been reppin' the country (using “Pinoy Boy” as one of his monikers) since the time he entered the sport.

But let's get things down the line for this special finale. Gran Metalik faced a crowd favorite Zac Sabre, Jr., in the first CWC semi-finals match. And that proved a great start could provoke a much greater finish. Very fantastic match to start the event despite those clash-of-styles; talk about lucha libre versus technical wrestling going one-on-one in the battle for supremacy in such an entertaining way.

Next in line, though, is TJ Perkins going up against another top favorite Kota Ibushi. Still considered a very impressive battle to see; considering the two competitors pitting on which country is the best in Asia on wrestling (well, at this match, though). And the skilled Fil-Am who learned different types from the high-flying stunts to the ground-and-pounds, managed to get on the finals; making it as one of the upsets in the tournament. No wonder why the crowd was booing the heck out of him during his post-match interview at the squared circle. Talk about bittersweet.

Before the finals took place, a tag-team match between Johnny Gargano-Tommaso Ciampa and Noam Dar-Cedric Alexander has been scheduled. And while the outcome has made DIY look stronger, all I can say was this is how the tag team match should be. May not be fast-paced, may be that dramatic, but realizing how these things really worked for them. Another very entertaining segment at all.

That being said, The Revival should be look out closely for them if they want to keep those NXT Tag Team Championship belts around their waists.

The Cruiserweight Classic finals became even more interesting when Triple H made a last-minute interruption (which I think came a bit late) to announce the new division of fighters coming in to the WWE's flagship program Monday Night RAW with another item at hand – the WWE Cruiserweight Championship belt. Talk about taking home two distinctions that comes in their respective iconic hardware.

However, I think that 60-minute limit hadn't really been that maximized. Still, for the ample time given (I believe that lies somewhere 15-25 minutes) were somehow enough for both Gran Metalik and TJ Perkins to put on a show. And the latter's victory not only just has stamped Pinoy Pride anew at the world of sports in general, but individually-speaking makes his mark at the pro wrestling world; like “Welcome to the biggest league, TJ!”

Good job, Masakara Manik, or Pinoy Boy, or Puma, or simply TJP. Listen, this (I mean the Cruiserweights) should be booked properly this coming episode of RAW. We're all pretty sure they can deliver matches very well.

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