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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Inside The Pages: The Best In The World At What I Have No Idea

10/11/2016 03:55:36 PM

For over two-and-a-half decades, it is safe to say that Chris Jericho has become a worldwide entertainment phenomenon. And he has done it in the world of performing arts, sports, music, and even acting. A metal-head and a sports entertainer – should we rather say, wrestler – this on-screen villain has done the documentation in two books; which gives him another distinction more than just a thousand plus holds – being an author.

It's fancy that apart from his A Lion's Tale and Undisputed comes another book containing some of the most-decorated sets of tales he has ever done since the time he is frustrated to build Fozzy the way he should be, to his championship run in the WWE, to joining Dance With The Stars to touring with the notable rockstars from Anthrax, Avenge Sevenfold – and mind you: even his sets of life-threatening shenanigans were all written by this stupid idiot greatest of all time.

This 412-paged book is worth the paid money after all as some will just realized how great – and at the same time, stubborn – he really is, especially when it comes to having run-ins with Vince McMahon, fellow wrestlers in the World Wrestling Entertainment, and fellow musicians. Brutally funny without the obvious aid of speaking as if it's a Talk Is Jericho episode.

This greatest gago of all time, is after all, a human; and this is just a huge chunk of his story. And that speaks for why he is indeed the greatest of all time.

Read it in, man!

Verdict: 9

The Best In The World At What I Have No Idea, authored by Chris Jericho, is an autobiography book published in 2014 by Berkley and an imprint by Penguin Random House.

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